How to Insert an Opt-in Form on WordPress

Email CampaignsI wrote a post recently on how to insert an Opt-in form on a WordPress blog with no sidebars.

It’s attracted a lot of views from people searching how to create an opt-in form on WordPress, so I figured a description of how to insert one in a blog that does have sidebars might be useful:

Step 1: Create your opt-in form in your Autoresponder service provider account.

With Aweber you get the ability to style your form in your Aweber account and then copy/paste either the basic HTML (which you can edit if you want) or a short JavaScript snippet into your blog.

Choosing the JavaScript version enables you to update the style or wording of your opt-in form in your Aweber account and have it automatically update the form wherever you’ve placed it – neat, especially if you use the same form in different locations!

You’ll need to make sure your opt-in box is not wider than the sidebar you’re planning on putting it into. So check that width before creating your opt-in form, and size it accordingly.

Step 2: Add a text widget to one of your sidebars

Once you’ve added the text widget simply paste the code provided by your Autoresponder service provider into the window that will open as soon as you drop your widget into the sidebar.

Step 3: Save and close your widget.

Once you’ve pasted the code into your text widget click ‘Save’ (1 in the picture below) and then ‘Close’ (2 below).

Save and Close a Widget in WordPress

And you’re all done.


Martin Malden

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