Insightful Marketing Strategies for 2022

Text from my newsletter of 3rd January.

Firstly, I wish you lots of success in 2022 – I hope you have a great year!

I spent a fair bit of time over the holidays thinking about how I could kick my business growth up a notch.

It’s easy, and comfortable, to fall into a routine, and it’s something that I’m extremely good at.

But when it comes to growing a business it’s a dangerous thing to do.

Business trends change quickly, and if you don’t change with them, you’ll become out of date and left behind.

Unfortunately, the search results on the first page of Google often link to out-of-date information, because that’s the way the search algorithms work.

You can reduce that effect by setting the time parameter to ‘Past week’ or ‘Past month’, but it’s still hard to get past the ‘same old, same old’ tips and techniques.

Google’s time parameters work on the date something was published, not on the quality of the information it contains.

You can find anything on Google, but finding current, insightful information, on a fast-moving subject, is a lot harder.

I’ve found that by looking for, and joining, curated newsletters on subjects that I’m interested in, I get better, more insightful information than I do from the search results.

This week’s links

I’ve kicked off this year by linking to four articles that you probably won’t yet find on the first page of Google, even though the subjects may be familiar. (They will make it up there eventually).

These articles all contain interesting twists and details: social media marketing strategies for 2022, content marketing strategies, growth marketing, and content formulae.

7 social media marketing strategies for 2022

There are a lot of social media marketing articles online, many of which trot out the ‘same old, same old’ messages. But trends move on quickly, and this article from Brent Barnhart presents some useful twists to what you’ve probably read before.

And if social media is part of your mix, don’t forget what I covered on why you need to focus on content distribution as part of your social media activities.

Social media strategies for 2022

How to win at content marketing

This is a 41-minute video recording that pulls together a pick of strategies from the Sparktoro team on how to win at content marketing.

Hosted by Rand Fishkin and Amanda Natividad, it provides deep insights into content design, finding the right place to target your prospects, planning your amplification strategy, writing killer headlines and leveraging other peoples’ publications:

How to win at content marketing

Beginner’s guide to growth marketing

This article on the Ahrefs website explains how growth marketing differs from ‘traditional’ marketing, and why it’s important.

While growth marketing is largely for big organisations, with big budgets, the last section describes how small businesses can adapt the growth marketing principles to their situation, and reap the same benefits.

A beginner’s guide to growth marketing

Why you need a content formula

There is more content online today than anyone could have imagined when the term ‘content marketing’ was coined around 10 years ago. As a result, it’s harder than ever to stand out from the crowd.

Ann Gynn analyses the ‘content formula’ that Hallmark movies use, and why developing your own content formula will help you strengthen your brand and lighten your load.

Why a content formula isn’t lazy

Fun flashback

The Beatles’ Abbey Road album contained probably their best music. It wasn’t trail blazing, like Sergeant Pepper or the White Album, it was just exceptionally good music, superbly performed.

On the album, the instrumental section at the end of Carry That Weight was a 3-way ‘duelling guitars’ stretch between John, George and Paul. In this performance at the Royal Albert Hall it’s performed between Paul, Mark Knopfler and Eric Clapton.

And they are accompanied by Phil Collins on drums with Sir George Martin conducting the orchestra:

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