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I’ve been working online since 2006 and today I earn my living online, free of corporate politics and the daily grind. I love my lifestyle!

In this course I cover:

  • Some different ways to make money online with affiliate marketing (and other options)
  • How to find an affiliate marketing niche that you can develop, grow and operate online
  • How to do some quick, simple and effective market research to test your idea, using online tools you either already have or can easily get
  • How to find a product to sell (the basis of affiliate marketing)
  • How to quickly set up a professional website, no coding required, from which to run your business

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Hi, I’m Martin,

Martin MaldenI survived the corporate world for more than 25 years.

When I started out, after college, there weren’t the opportunities that abound today, so I joined a blue-chip company and began working my way up the ladder.

It’s what we all did back then.

But here’s what I discovered: the higher up the ladder I climbed the less secure my job became and the more stressful life became as a result.

Sure, the extra money was good, but you end up getting locked in. After all, you’ve got the kids’ schooling, a mortgage and all the expenses of living to deal with.

So you have to keep at the daily grind just so that you can continue to pay the bills.

But the thing is this: when a new Director, or Managing Director, or CEO moves in they also like to move their people in because they know and trust them.

And that often means that you are moved out (along with your salary and benefits).

For me, as a result, developing an independent source of income that I could fall back on should I be ‘moved out’ became ever more important.

That’s why I started my side hustle that, today, is my main (and only!) hustle.

It’s not stress-free, but it’s a positive stress because my future is in my own hands. I don’t have to deal with corporate politics and the daily grind, I keep my own hours and I work from wherever I want to!

If you’re bored or frustrated with your current job and looking for something else to do, or you would like to grow your financial independence and be able to work when and where you want to, this course will get you set up and started in the right way.

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Martin Malden

Martin Malden
Owner – WealthyDragon