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What governments don’t want you to know

Job layoffsGovernments are quick to trumpet how well their economies are doing, but do you know how many major employers laid off staff in 2018?

Here’s just a sample: GM (5,000), Sears (not specified), Verizon Wireless (3,000), Pepsi (1,000), JC Penney (360, in addition to the 5,000 laid off in 2017), Ford (2,000), Amazon (not specified), Macy’s (5,000), AT&T (4,000), Walmart (4,000), Kimberley-Clark (5,000), IBM (20,000 over the last 5 years), Toys-R-Us (33,000) and, finally, the UK retail sector, as a whole, lost 70,000 jobs last year.

Those are just the ones I could find with a simple web search.

In the UK major employers like Jaguar Land Rover, Tesco, British Aerospace, Honda and Nissan have all indicated that they either are, or plan to be, laying off thousands of staff in 2019.

And in the financial services sector thousands of jobs have already left London.

In some cases it’s because of Brexit, in others simply because the market has changed as people look for more eco-friendly products.

The impact of technology

And then there’s the impact of technology, which has changed the way businesses work and has led to the elimination of hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of manual jobs over the past 20 years.

Assessments of how Artificial Intelligence and other technologies will impact employment trends in the coming decade vary from extremely negative, through no-impact, to highly positive – basically no one has any clue!

The outlook for the economies of the US, UK and EU is not looking too good, debt levels are higher now than they were in 2007/2008, large numbers of layoffs have taken place and are being planned, and technology is going to continue to disrupt the job market

In this environment (in fact in any environment) it’s wise to ensure your own financial security by developing an independent stream of income – a side hustle.

It won’t be your be your primary source of income, at least not initially, but if the worst comes to the worst and your company starts downsizing at least you will have a safety net.

And at that point you can grow it from being your side hustle to being your main hustle.

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