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I Finally Lost Patience with Facebook

Facebook Logo. I’ve finally lost patience with Facebook and removed the badges from my sites.

I wrote back here about some intermittent problems I started to experience with the Facebook Business Page that I set up for this site.

Despite 3 trouble tickets, all of which went unanswered (except for auto-generated responses), not only were those problems not addressed but other (inconsistent) problems surfaced as well.

Today I clicked on the Facebook badges on my sites as part of my routine link checking and, instead of being taken to my Facebook business page as usual, I was taken to the login page.

What good is that to anyone (particularly if they’re not Facebook members)..!!??

I’m still only intermittently ‘authorized’ to post updates on my own Facebook page. This is particularly frustrating when others have left comments because, most of the time, I’m not able to reply.

But it’s also frustrating because I’ll think of a comment or update that would work well on FB, login to add it to the page and get told I’m not authorized to update it.

So, rather than offer visitors to this site and my Facebook page an inconsistent experience (and to keep my blood pressure in check!), I’ve removed the Facebook badge.

But there’s a message here too…

Don’t become too reliant on any one marketing channel, particularly if it’s based on a third party’s platform.

Placing your business in the hands of third party organizations who can change policies, fail to address problems or close down overnight simply isn’t smart.

I learnt that years ago when I was battling with Google Adwords.

Back then it forced me to diversify my sources of traffic. Today, removing Facebook from my marketing mix is annoying, but nothing more.

And I’m eating humble pie and switching my focus in social media back to Twitter.

Always spread your risk and make sure that you’re absolutely confident the experience you’re giving your site visitors is as good as you can make it.


Martin Malden

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