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8 Ways to Make Your Website More Effective

Arrow hitting a target. What kind of website is yours?

This site has, for a long time, been purely about delivering information and building an audience.

Now, however, its purpose is changing to building a list in readiness for products that I’m planning.

In the next couple of months you’ll see a move towards emphasising what I call my Key Page – which will be an opt-in page for my new list.

As I formulated my plans I thought a lot about the structure of this site and how it needs to change in order to meet its new purpose, as a result of which I zeroed in on 8 points.

8 Steps to improve the effectiveness of your website

These are the points I’m focusing on as I re-structure the site to improve its effectiveness, and I’ve set them out here as food for thought for you:

  1. Define a clear goal for your site – it may be to sell a product, build your list or refer buyers to an affiliate merchant site.
  2. Identify the page that’s going to deliver that goal – it may be a squeeze page asking for opt-ins, the shopping cart page or an affiliate pre-sell page. This is your Key Page.
  3. Ensure your internal links emphasise your Key Page rather than your Home page. For example, on this site every blog post has a banner pointing to one of the Vacations in Asia pages.
  4. Ensure the copy on your Key Page talks primarily about benefits (but supported by features), contains testimonials, a guarantee and has a clear instruction to visitors about what they should do next.
  5. Make the buying (or sign-up) process you put your customers through smooth, efficient and hassle-free (more on that here).
  6. Help first-time visitors understand what your site is about immediately they arrive: use a descriptive tagline, and a clear introductory paragraph. The Feature Box in Thesis is perfect for this.
  7. Use your About page to add details supporting your tagline and introductory paragraph, and make sure it promotes your Key Page.
  8. Give each post and page an objective that drives people towards your Key Page.

Some of those steps are already in place on this site, others will be put in place over the next couple of months. I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out (and building a great new list!).

How about this – can you add just one more step? Let me know …


Martin Malden.

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