Why You Should Make Yourself Uncomfortable

Text from my newsletter dated 10th January.

Sometimes we get out of our comfort zones by choice, and sometimes we are forced out by circumstances.

Back in 2001 the company I was employed by went bust, owing me about half a year’s pay – that put me way outside my comfort zone, and not by choice!

I was 8 months away from qualifying for my Hong Kong residency, so I decided to stay and qualify.

Leaving would have been the easy option because this has always been one of the most expensive places in the world to live – especially when you have no income, you’re owed a big chunk of change and there’s no social safety net.

To add to my run of luck, I became victim to a boiler room scam.

Talk about being outside my comfort zone!

It was a tough 8 months, but I got through it, qualified and earned my residency. And that experience taught me that I can deal with stuff, when it happens.

(It was also probably the cause of my grey hair!).

Today, Hong Kong is going through major changes, against its will. The declining economy in China raises the risk that those in power will try to use Hong Kong and Taiwan as distractions from their internal problems.

It’s worrying to think what might happen.

But thanks to getting through that time in 2001 and 2002, I know that I can deal with whatever comes up.

I learnt and grew from that experience.

Whatever you’re facing in your business, I urge you to be bold. Get out of your comfort zone, do stuff that you instinctively think is too ‘out there’.

Whether it works or not, you will learn and grow. And even if it doesn’t work, you will feel liberated and emboldened to keep trying new things.

Plus, the chances are good that it will work.

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