Mental Health for Solopreneurs

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The first morning that I did not commute to my corporate gig, after finishing the previous Friday, I was full of excitement as I started my full-time solopreneur career.

2 weeks later, I felt very different.

It had hit me, with full force, that I was on my own: there was no longer the companionship and water cooler gossip, and if I didn’t make any money, I didn’t get to eat.

Sitting on my own, in my home office, I felt alone and overwhelmed. And with no one to talk to, those feelings took on a life of their own.

I think most new solo business owners go through periods like that.

This week I’ve linked to two articles on mental health for solo business owners. They come with some practical steps you can take to help you keep a balanced outlook, and find support when you need it.

I’ve also linked to two articles on starting a side hustle. If you can do that, and build up a revenue stream while you still have the corporate gig safety net, it reduces the pressure, at least on the money front, when you first go solo full-time.

9 Resources to Help Solopreneurs Maintain Mental Fitness

Nearly 20% of Americans experience mental health problems and this rises to 32% for entrepreneurs.

This article looks at the benefits of exercise and connecting with a community as antidotes to the feelings of feeling lonely and overwhelmed.

It was written back in April 2020 and is largely focused on helping people deal with the isolation that was enforced by the pandemic. So the emphasis is on connecting online and getting out into the fresh air for exercise wherever possible.

But the steps it describes are just as applicable in normal times.

How to take care of your mental health as a solopreneur

25 Mental health and wellness tips for solopreneurs

To build a successful solo business you need to be on top of your game: sharp, smart and confident.

But those feelings that I went through 11 years ago did exactly the opposite: they fogged my brain and sapped my confidence.

That lead to me making bad deals and agreeing to jobs that I should never have taken.

Here, then, are 25 more ways to help you get on top of those feelings.

25 Mental wellness tips for solopreneurs

Thinking of starting a side hustle?

49% of Americans under 35 have a side hustle (I had no idea it was that high!)

So what are the things you should be thinking about if you’re thinking of joining the 49%?

This article suggests you should be clear in your own mind about what you’re looking for when you start your side hustle – is it the foundation for an eventual move to your own full-time business, or is it a hedge against possible lay-off or enforced salary reduction from your employer?

This article covers three things you should evaluate before making your move:

Things to think about before starting a side hustle

How selling on Amazon makes you a better business person

“…Having your own e-commerce business teaches you the skills you need to run a business and lead a team faster than any other way…”. That comes from Greg Mercer, founder and CEO of Jungle Scout.

The beauty of selling on Amazon is that you can start by selling just one product – possibly the lowest risk way you can get into starting your own business.

In this article Mercer goes through 4 principles he has followed to build his business, and which he adopted from the beginning when he was selling on Amazon.

How selling on Amazon can make you a better business person

Fun Flashback

Back in the noughties I was in Memphis on a business trip and I got to spend an evening at the B.B. King’s Blues Club on Beale street – a wonderful evening that I’ve never forgotten. Here’s BB King doing ‘Let the good times roll’ at the Morgan Freeman Tribute back in 2008:

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