How to Get Website Visitors Without Relying on Google

Text of my newsletter from 4th October

Last week I looked at getting visitors to your website from the search engines, focusing on Google. As I showed, it’s becoming more difficult.

So this week I’ve covered four alternatives.

None of these will deliver an instant rush of visitors, but they can all build your stream of visitors over time.

And they diversify your sources – which makes your visitor traffic more resilient.

You don’t want to create a ‘single point of failure’ by becoming too reliant on Google, as the UK Daily Mail discovered in December 2019, when it lost 50% of its visitor traffic overnight because of an algorithm change by Google.

Google makes more than 500 algorithm changes a year to its search function. And every one of them affects the way websites appear in the search results (either positively or negatively).

Diversifying your visitor sources builds your resilience against algorithm updates.

The key to all the methods I’ve covered below is to focus on helping people, not on promoting your business.

That sounds counter-intuitive, but people can sniff out self-serving promotion at 50 paces!

If you take the time to build relationships and trust, the website visits will follow.

This week’s links

This week I’ve linked to ‘non-Google’ ways to build your website’s visitor traffic: how to use forums, how to use guest posting, how to use Quora, and how to use podcasting as a guest.

How to use forums to get visitors to your website

Judith Kallos takes us through how to find and join relevant forums. She covers the best ways to find content for blog posts and then use that to attract visitors to your website from your forum:

How to use forums and groups to market your small business

How to use guest posting to get visitors to your website

Guest posting burst onto the scene around 12 years ago and people quickly began to mis-use it as an SEO tactic to get links.

Google quickly knocked that on the head.

The point of guest posting is not to get links. It is to ‘borrow’ someone else’s audience by getting your content in front of them, thereby promoting your website.

Elise Dopson takes us through what guest posting is and how to do it right:

How to use guest posting to get visitors to your website

How to use Quora to get visitors to your website

In case you haven’t come across Quora, it’s possibly the largest question and answer site on the web.

Members post questions on anything and get answers from other members.

Becoming a member, and answering questions relevant to your niche, is a great way to establish your credibility and grow the number of visitors to your website.

Angkit Singla goes through what Quora is and how to use it:

How to use Quora to get visitors to your website

How to use podcasts to get visitors to your website

A couple of weeks ago I covered podcasting as a promotional technique, with you as the podcast host.

Successful podcasting takes equipment, editing skills and a supply of guests to interview, so you could turn that around and become a guest on someone else’s podcast.

It’s a great way to extend your reach and grow your brand.

Pat Safford sets out 15 tips for finding the right podcast and how to be a good guest:

How to be a podcast guest

Fun flashback

In 1961 Brian Epstein was running his father’s record shop in Liverpool, when several people came in asking for ‘The Saints’, by the Beatles.

He had never heard of either, but discovered that they were playing at the Cavern, so he decided to go and see what the fuss was about.

Long story short, he became their manager and got them their first audition at EMI in London.

This is the song that kicked it off, made with Tony Sheridan, who they met while they were playing in Hamburg in 1959 and 1960:

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