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How to Not Make Money Blogging…

Making Money… use an auto-blogging application of some kind.

For people new to working online there’s a tremendous attraction in the idea of automated blogging.

Everyone wants quick results, with as little effort as possible. It’s human nature.

And for people new to working online, the idea of an automated business, earning money on auto-pilot, is hugely attractive.

But don’t go there. It’ll do you more harm than good.

Most automated blogging systems rely on you adding some keywords, specifying the sources (news items, articles or whatever), defining some posting parameters and hitting the ‘go’ button.

But what you’re doing, at best, is regurgitating old information. At worst, if your system doesn’t allow for attributions, you’re plagiarising (stealing other people’s work).

You also have little or no control over the quality of articles that end up being published on your site and, unless you’re really good with your keywords, you’re quite likely to end up with articles that aren’t even relevant to the theme of your site.

Most of the search engines are quickly able to discover sites that are populated with regurgitated material, and ignore them. So the traffic you were hoping to get won’t arrive.

And no traffic = no money.

The simple fact is: if you want to make money online you have to work at it.

There are no short cuts to building a sustainable business in the off-line world, and there are no short cuts online either.

So if you want to make money blogging you need to do the work.

Know your subject, study it (you can never know everything), and work at making sure you produce a site that provides real value.

And remember: blogging itself is not a business model. It’s a promotion channel.

Back here I described some ways of building a business model by getting hold of something to sell. It’s worth a read.

Blogging is only effective as a way of making money if it’s acting as a promotion channel for whatever you’re selling. There has to be a real business behind the blog.

Otherwise you’re just blogging.

Martin Malden

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