The One Question that Will Improve Your Success Rate

Transcript of my newsletter from 25th January

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Q. If there was one question you should ask yourself to improve your chances of success, what would it be?

A. ‘Why?’

When I was running management training courses, I used to run problem solving exercises where the only question that could be asked was ‘Why’, and the attendees had to keep asking it until there were no new answers.

It’s a great problem-solving technique but, be warned: it can drive people to distraction!

It’s also the most powerful question you can ask yourself, whether you’re thinking about starting a business, or already running one but not getting the results you hoped for.

The answer to the question ‘Why’ in relation to your business is the over-riding reason you’re starting one. It should be motivational and is highly unlikely to change.

For example: Q: ‘Why do I want to start a business?’. A: ‘So I have control over my destiny.’.

And in answering that question, go through the same process: keep asking ‘Why’ until you get to the point where there are no more answers, and you have one that motivates you.

When the going gets tough, as it will, understanding the real answer to that question will keep you focused and moving forwards.

This week I’ve looked at mindset techniques that will help you to get going, keep going and realise the success you’re looking for.

Key factors that make people successful

Successful people tend to have a ‘bigger picture’ mindset: they know their ‘destination’ and focus on what they need to do in the short term in order to get there.

This article looks at the importance of adopting a ‘growth’ mindset that turns problems into opportunities and understands that ‘perfect’ never happens.

Why Mindset Matters for Success

One thing you can add to your ‘To do’ list to improve your success rate

This article also looks at the importance of understanding the answer to your over-riding ‘Why’ question.

It looks at how you can use this question (and answer) to help you prioritise your ‘To Do’ list and focus on the important stuff, rather than the urgent stuff (there’s a big difference!).

To do list – how to improve your success rate

7 mindset shifts to go from employee to entrepreneur

Although this article claims 7 mindset shifts it actually only offers 6! Never mind, the 6 are still good tips!

For me and, I guess, for many, the one that jumped out for me was letting go of the fear of failure.

It’s easy to develop a fear of failure – it’s drummed into us from an early age because we get punished, or made to feel embarrassed in some way, if we don’t pass the test or fail a class.

But the other way of looking at it is that if you haven’t failed you haven’t tried.

This article covers this and 5 other great mindset tips to help you gain that success you want.

7 Mindset shifts to go from employee to solo business owner

How to find extra time and 3 tremendous tips

This is a 12-minute podcast from Shane Sams on how to find the time to start your side hustle when you seem to be flat out already. It’s a simple and useful technique.

There are also 3 great tips for getting things done, including a reprise of – you’ve guessed it – the importance of understanding the answer to your over-riding ‘Why’ question!

That question or, rather, the answer to it, keeps popping up because it really is fundamental to your success.

How to find the time to start your side hustle

Fun flashback

The Travelling Wilburys brought together 5 incredible song-writers, two of which (Harrison and Lynne) were key members of two of my favourite bands: The Beatles and ELO.

This is ‘Handle with care’, the first track on the first Travelling Wilburys album:

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