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How to Overcome Writer's Block

I've read a lot of posts on overcoming writer's block (or blogger's block) recently so I thought I'd add one of my own.

If you're blogging to a schedule (you should be, if you're treating your blog as a business) the time for your next article will often come around when you're feeling uninspired.

You're left staring at the ceiling, wondering what the heck you're going to write about.

It happens to most of us - it certainly happens to me.

So here's what I do when that happens:

I go to the forums.

I'm a member of three pretty active forums and two social sites, all focused on my niche. I participate in them regularly as part of my social marketing activities.

So I log in and do a search on whatever subject I want to write about.

A lot of the articles on this site are about WordPress, so I often go in and do a search on WordPress.

The results usually contain all sorts of questions about working with WordPress.

As soon as I find a question that I can answer I write a blog post about it and, hey presto, I've met my publishing schedule.

A good practice to get into if you're regularly participating in forums is to make a note of questions you've answered and keep your answers for future posts.

Right now I have 5 blog post subjects lined up as a result of doing this, so my next few publishing dates are all catered for.

For further ideas on beating writer's block there are two articles I've read recently which are pretty good: find them here (this one contains over 100 suggestions from people in the comments area) and here.

Both are well worth a read.

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