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Page Rank or Visitors?

Here’s a question I saw in a forum this week:  is it better to have a good page rank or lots of visitors to your site.

The person in question had a site which was focused on design and design services, so my opening response was that what they really wanted was lots of visitors who were looking to buy design services.

A statement of the obvious, I know, but it opens up another thought which I think is worth reiterating: how much attention should you focus on all the SEO type stuff (of which page rank is a bit)?

If you’ve seen my other articles on this you’ll know that I do believe in getting the basics right.  That means getting your on-site SEO sorted out and getting some links to your site.  There are several articles on that here.

But once you’ve got the basics done then you should focus on providing a valuable resource to your visitors.  If you don’t they’ll not only leave (quickly), but the search engines will work it out too and they’ll stop sending you any visitors at all.

So how do you provide a valuable resource?

Well, for a start, stop thinking of yourself as a blogger, or a webmaster.  Think of yourself as a publisher.

Which is, after all, what you are:  an online publisher.

A publisher is not going to publish stuff that’s not going to make him any money.  So when he’s looking for stuff to publish he needs to know there’s a market for it, and that what he’s thinking of publishing provides value to that market.

It’s no different if you’re publishing a website – unless you’re purely writing for your own gratification or a few specific friends.

You need to know there’s a market for what you’re publishing and you need to provide value to that market.  If you do, they’ll visit your site, tell their friends, who’ll also visit your site and tell their friends.

Before you know it you’ve got yourself a following.

The good thing about that is this: the search engines will notice that people are staying on your site longer and returning more often.  So they’ll send more people your way.

Some of those people may link to your site, if they have sites of their own. And before you know it your page rank will start to rise.

So, once you’ve done the basics forget about all the SEO stuff.

Just produce high quality, good value information, which is regularly updated and meets the needs of your market, and the SEO stuff will take care of itself.


Martin Malden

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