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This blog contains around 300 articles on learning how to work online.

While many of them are still applicable today, there are also a lot that are now out of date, because a while ago I changed my business to focus on designing, building and maintaining WordPress websites.

To do that I left this blog in place but set up a new site, specifically for that business. That one contains up to date articles on working with WordPress, security online and marketing tips and hints.

Get the up-to-date stuff here

This video is designed for people new to both WordPress and to working online. It covers the basic SEO details that you should fill in for each new WordPress post and page you write, in order to get more search engine traffic. I use the Thesis theme, so the screenshots are Thesis screens, but the… . . . Read more

I often see questions asking how to convert an HTML website to WordPress and, back here, I covered some of the things you need to think about before doing so. Anyway, I recently converted an old HTML site to WordPress so I figured I’d set out the step-by-step process – so here it is: Overview… . . . Read more

I read a very well written post on ProBlogger the other day that was an imaginary discussion between two people on whether Google should introduce a -1 button to combat spam. It produced some interesting arguments, both for and against. But I have to say, I came out against, and here’s why: it would be… . . . Read more

What kind of website is yours? This site has, for a long time, been purely about delivering information and building an audience. Now, however, its purpose is changing to building a list in readiness for products that I’m planning. In the next couple of months you’ll see a move towards emphasising what I call my… . . . Read more

I finished the first draft of The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Setting up a Business Online today and tried to convert it into a PDF so I could pass it out to my reviewers. Unfortunately Windows 7, Office 2010 and Adobe Acrobat Standard 8 don’t work together (at least not on my machine) and Adobe… . . . Read more

Landing pages (or squeeze pages) have a specific purpose: to create a conversion. Whether it’s to get a new subscriber or to close a sale, landing pages need to be free of any distractions that would give your reader an opportunity to leave the page without completing the conversion. By default, the configuration of WordPress… . . . Read more

The economy has changed, fundamentally and forever. And, as a result, the days of mass employment as we knew it have gone. Since the crash of 2008/09, governments have employed well tried and tested methods to kick-start the economies in Europe and the US. And they’ve failed. Why? Because the old economy depended on consumer… . . . Read more

Every time I’ve read a review recently of Google Plus I’ve seen a chart that measures the time it took for G+ to reach various subscriber milestones, as compared to how long it took Facebook and Twitter. The line is almost perpendicular for G+, whereas the other two take far more leisurely trajectories, and this… . . . Read more

I was asked last week to write something on branding, and I remembered a branding article I wrote back in 2007, which you can find here. A lot of what I said in that article still holds true, but this article contains the benefit of 4 more years of online experience! Branding is about creating… . . . Read more

Shortcut: if you want to go straight to the process for extending your navigation bar to the width of your content box click here. The process for extending it to the width of your entire site is here. Update – 18th August, 2012 The Thesis navigation menu bar system is being dropped when Thesis 2.0… . . . Read more

I’ve struggled with this problem for a long time: how to attract targetted readers to this site and, as a result, make money from it. I’ve read books, joined forums and tried a whole bunch of different things, and nothing really worked. I stumbled along doing the best I could, not really getting the results… . . . Read more

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen threads asking which are the best WordPress plugins. The responses inevitably list lots of them, covering the widest range of functionality you can imagine. One of the benefits of using WordPress is the range of plugins that extend its functionality into pretty much any area… . . . Read more

Websites are being hacked more often every day. Not only do you owe it to yourself to take every precaution you can to keep the hackers out, you owe it to your customers, friends and everyone who visits your sites. It’s your responsibility to the web as a whole, not just protection for yourself. I’ve… . . . Read more

Building up the traffic levels to a new website is the biggest job you face once you’ve got it launched. The temptation is to throw money at the problem and, in certain areas, this works well: buying traffic through PPC or other paid advertising channels, for example. But in a few areas it’s folly: directory… . . . Read more

I did a Thesis upgrade recently for a new customer, because some core files in their Thesis installation had been altered. Altering the core files of your theme, or of WordPress, will always generate problems at upgrade time because your alterations will be over-written. That means the functionality that you created through the customisations will… . . . Read more

Update – 17 July, 2012 In Thesis 1.8.4 the concept of ‘Design Mode’ was introduced. If you make design or layout changes but they don’t show up when you check the front of your site, you’re probably not using Design Mode. See how to fix it here. Original article starts here: I was asked recently… . . . Read more

Interesting question in the Warrior Forum from someone who had recently set up a new website and was worried because it had disappeared from the search results. So here’s the thing: initially, new sites often do appear quickly in the natural search results. But then they bounce up and down a bit, going from maybe… . . . Read more

So you want to start making money on the Internet? Then you’d better learn how to sell online. Luckily, a friend of mine has just released an online course that would be well worth a look. Selling Online Basics is aimed at people who are interested in setting up a small online business to make… . . . Read more

I wrote back here about why I started using Gmail as my email client (instead of Outlook or Thunderbird) and here about how to set it up. But I didn’t cover how to set up a professional signature. If you’re running your own business, having a professional email signature is a necessity. Not only does… . . . Read more

My Google Analytics keywords report is telling me that one of the more searched for items on this site is ‘how to set up W3-Total-Cache’ – so here goes. Before starting, though, a word of caution: server configurations vary between hosting providers, so your first step should be to ask your hosting provider for their… . . . Read more

Interesting question in the Warrior Forum today: How do you set up internal linking on your site correctly? The questioner explained that they had currently set up their site by linking each page back to the two previous pages via a link entitled ‘recent articles’. While that would link all the pages together, it would… . . . Read more

The header area of your website is incredibly important. It’s the first thing that new visitors see and it sets the tone for the entire site. Whenever I’m designing a new website for a client I always start with the header area and get their approval on that. Once that’s done, the rest of the… . . . Read more

If you’re running a travel or locally focused website, making use of Google Maps is a great way to highlight areas of interest and engage your visitors. In your Google account (under Maps) you can create a map (via the ‘create a new map’ link) and then customize it to include areas you want to… . . . Read more

For the everyday webmaster (as opposed to SEO academics) Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has changed a lot in the last couple of years. There was a time when we sweated over keyword density, what to put in our title tags, how many keywords to use and so on. And the result was often a page… . . . Read more

Google released their +1 button publicly last week. It’s yet another attempt by them to get involved in the world of social media. Their previous attempts, it must be said, have not been successful. Wave was withdrawn after a year in which take up was pitiful, Buzz angered many because it made the contact details… . . . Read more

As I mentioned back here the Thesis theme applies a date stamp to CSS files when they’re updated. It does (did) this in order to ensure the latest version of your site is always displaid to visitors. Unfortunately that process confused the life out of the W3-Total-Cache plugin (because it had the effect of creating… . . . Read more

Two or three years ago the rage for webmasters was mobilizing their websites and, at the time, I wrote about my search for a mobile solution for this site. But I don’t have a mobile version of this site now and, although it occasionally crosses my mind, I don’t have any plan to get one… . . . Read more

Darren Rowse (ProBlogger) has released a new ebook: ProBlogger’s Guide to Your First Week of Blogging. I bought it last week, and here are my thoughts: Overall, it’s a clearly laid out roadmap for anyone starting a new blog. It’s also a good checklist for anyone who’s been blogging for a while but whose blog’s… . . . Read more