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How to Switch from the Thesis Nav Menu System to the WordPress Nav Menu System

Many versions ago Thesis introduced navigation menu controls that enabled us to easily customise the design of the nav menu, and include categories and external links. And then WordPress introduced menu controls that did the same, but did it better. None-the-less, I never bothered to switch to using the WordPress nav menu system because the […]

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Increase Your Website’s Traffic: Do Your SEO in Foreign Languages

This is a guest post from Christian Arno, of Lingo24. Most of us put a lot of effort into SEO for our content in English, but it’s every bit as important to get this right for your foreign-language content too. The good news is that the basics are the same in every language. Using the […]

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5 Useful Websites Where you can Learn HTML

This is a guest post by Ashlee McCullen, a staff writer on Apron Addicts. I’m sometimes surprised at the sheer number of people I meet who blog or write for the web and yet don’t know HTML. While you don’t need to know web technologies in-depth to make money online, you’ll find that knowing at […]

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Can’t See the Changes You Just Made to Your Thesis Site?

If you’re not able to see the changes you just made to your Thesis theme design and layout, the chances are you’ve forgotten to resume Design Mode. Design Mode was introduced in Thesis 1.8.4. It’s a limited form of minification because it combines the style.css, layout.css and custom.css files into one in order to speed […]

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Email Marketing: How One Mistake Could Cost You $100,000

I read two articles recently that reminded me of some important lessons. The first one recounts several examples of people who have been the victims of boiler room scams. Internet Marketing websites captured the victims’ contact details by offering eBooks or CD’s on how to make money online, and then turned their details over to […]

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With the Growth in use of Tablets Who Needs a Mobile Site? Maybe You

In an article back here I made the case that not all websites need a mobile version. My point was that the growth of tablets made the requirement for a mobile version less important. Tablets can render the full version of a website as quickly and easily as a laptop or desktop, particularly now with […]

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How to Set Up 301 Redirects in WordPress

With the ever increasing emphasis on quality-of-content in the search engines’ algorithms, making sure you update or clear out articles which are either out of date or of little value is important. So I spent a lot of time recently reviewing and either updating or trashing old articles on this site. I wrote back here […]

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Is Your Social Media Strategy Letting You Down?

This post is part of a series on how to promote your website for free. Here are the links to the other articles in the series: Promote your site for free: on-site SEOPromote your site for free: off-site SEOPromote your site for free: forum marketing In the article on off-site SEO I touched on social […]

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