How to Use Podcasting to Grow Your Business

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Podcasting has been around for a while, but it has seen huge growth over the past 18 months.

I shied away from it for a number of reasons – I didn’t have the equipment, I didn’t like the sound of my own voice, and so on. Any excuse!

But there’s no question that its growing popularity presents us with new opportunities to grow our businesses.

I had been thinking more and more that I needed to get to grips with it, so I recently installed an app called Audacity on my computer.

Audacity is an audio recording app that I’m just learning how to use. It enables me to create MP3 (audio) files that I can then place on my websites.

This gives site visitors an audio option if they don’t like, or have difficulties with, text-based delivery. And anything that makes your content more easily accessible is good.

So while I’m not yet jumping directly into Podcasting, I am experimenting with audio to see how I can make the best use of it.

It’s definitely worth a look!

This week’s links

This week I’ve linked to two podcasts: one on how to use podcasting to grow your business, and one that explains how to make the best use of Instagram’s latest changes to expand your reach.

I’ve also linked to a review of the Zoho Booking app, and an article on the benefits of having a custom ‘Page not found’ (404) page on your website.

Interview: How to use podcasting to grow your business

This 28-minute podcast is not evangelising about getting into podcasting. Instead, it goes into detail about how to set up podcasting and use it to strategically grow your business.

If the idea of podcasting is interesting, but you’ve not yet started, it’s easy to dip your toes in the water, as I am: install ‘Audacity’, a free audio recording app, on your computer, get a good quality headset and just start recording yourself reading one of your blog posts or having an imaginary conversation.

It’s awkward at first, at least it was for me, but the more you do it the easier, and more natural, it becomes.

Here’s the podcasting interview with Luis Diaz:

How to use podcasting to grow your business

Interview: Instagram’s latest changes and how to make best use of them

Another podcast, this time a 24-minute interview with Instagram expert Natasha Samuel on the latest Instagram updates, what they mean, and how to make the best use of them.

If you’re producing content on Instagram, these changes should enable you to extend your reach, but they are very new and, so far, unproven. So you will need to experiment and see what results you get:

Latest Instagram updates and using reels effectively

How Zoho Bookings Helps Your Business Grow

Lisa Price reviews the Zoho Bookings app in this article.

If your business requires appointments – plumbers, electricians, consultants, wellness coaches, tutors, and so on – this application takes care of them.

It offers a wide range of options, including re-scheduling, taking payments, confirmation emails, calendars sync and more.

Here’s the review:

Zoho review by Lisa Price

Why your website needs a custom 404 (page not found) page

If someone types in a URL on your website but makes a mistake, they are going to receive a ‘Page not found’ message.

And there are all sorts of other reasons why a visitor might get this response.

This is not only frustrating for your site visitor, but could well lose you business, so it makes sense in lots of ways to make sure that you have a custom 404 page.

If it’s done well, a custom 404 page can build the relationship with your site visitor, prevent lost revenue and potentially even increase revenue.

Amanda Dvorak sets out six reasons why you should set up a custom 404 (page not found) page on your website:

Why your website needs a custom 404 page

Fun flashback

The Moody Blues is one of the most versatile groups I remember from the 60s and 70s. I went to a concert they put on in Hong Kong, in 1998 or 1999, and they had the audience dancing in the aisles.

This song, ‘Isn’t Life Strange’, from the Seventh Sojourn album, is absolutely beautiful – here they are doing it at the Royal Albert Hall in May 2000, with the World Festival Orchestra.

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