How To Promote Multiple Products Via a Blog

I saw a question in one of the forums this week that asked whether a blog could be used to set up landing pages containing product reviews for a wide range of products.

The review pages (blog) would be promoted through Pay Per Click or article marketing campaigns, and direct visitors on to the actual sales pages of the products they were reviewing.

The reason for wanting to do it on a blog was to make use of the ‘categories’ functionality to organise the reviews so they could be found easily, since they were planning to review a wide range of un-related products.

To me, the plus side of an approach like this is that the site would contain a lot of content.  That would appeal to the search engines.  The downside is that it would not be focused.

Although this is not an approach I would choose, the answer to the question is, of course, ‘yes’.  You could set up a blog for this purpose.  But some blogging platforms would be better than others.

Here’s the reply I wrote:

‘ …It depends on which blogging platform you’re going to use.

None of that would be possible on hosted blogs. Not because of the blog platform capability but because of WordPress’ terms and conditions.

You could do it on a blog, but then you’d end up with a very unfocused blog, which would dilute its attractiveness to the search engines.  Also – from what you’ve said, you would really need some sort of parent/child hierarchy to organising your pages, and the labels functionality of Blogger may not be flexible enough.

The easiest blogging platform to do that on would be a self-hosted WordPress blog.  You can turn these into almost any kind of site you like – static sites, blogs, forums or whatever.

However, to benefit from the SEO potential I think you would want to focus your products more.  To take your guns example: you could set up a self-hosted WordPress blog with different categories for each type of gun.  And then just keep that blog for guns, setting up another for Fishing, for example.

Also – since you have pages and page hierarchies in WordPress, and you’re planning to write reviews which, I guess, would not change much, you may not want to use categories at all.

Rather, you could set up static parent pages for each of your gun types and then address different models of each type in the child pages.

With the All-in-one-SEO pack you can apply titles, descriptions and keywords to each page, thereby making each page individually as visible as possible to the search engines.

You also, of course, have the ability with this configuration to maintain a blog within the site, which would allow you to keep your visitors updated with news.  This would also provide regular new content which the search engines would like.

If you set the site up with a static home page, your blog will be a secondary page – which would actually make for a very professional site… ‘.

Have you used a blogging platform in an unconventional way?  Leave us a comment and tell us!


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