How to Remove Automated Ads Extensions from Google Ads

If you’re not careful you can burn through money very quickly with a Google Ads campaign. Here’s one way I was losing money and how I corrected it.

Google Ads automated ads extensions

I was looking at my site statistics recently and was irritated to see that Google Ads paid clicks were going to a completely irrelevant page on my site.

How could that be?

I had no idea, so I contacted Google Ads support and was told that Automated Ads Extensions were activated by default and I needed to disable them.

Automated ads extensions are ‘sold’ to unsuspecting newbies to Google Ads (me!) as generating extra traffic to my site. But, like all of Google’s recommendations and default settings, they are designed for the benefit of Google, not you.

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Automated ads extensions may be a good idea if your ads are generally focused on just getting people to your website. They take bits of information from the page you are promoting and add them to the end of your ad. That includes links to other pages on your site.

What that means is that people seeing your ad could click through to any of the links being displayed in your ad, and those links may have nothing to do with the page you’re promoting.

As an example, one of my paid ads for a specific service included links to my Contact page – completely irrelevant as a landing page for that particular ad!

If you are running a very focused Google Ads campaign, with tightly focused ad groups and ads, leading to a carefully crafted landing page, the last thing you need is for Google to insert links to your contact page in your ads.

If this is you, then you need to disable automated ads extensions, and here’s how to do that:

Do leave me a comment if you have any questions or need me to clarify anything!


Martin Malden

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