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Yet Another Review of the Third Tribe

Third Tribe ScreenshotWhat do you do if you’re not making any money blogging and you don’t want to go down the cheesy ‘Yellow Highlight Brigade’ Internet Marketing route?

If that’s you, you may be a closet Third Triber. And here’s your opportunity to come out.

Affiliate Alert..! I’m an affiliate for the Third Tribe, which means that if you were to join the Third Tribe by clicking one of the links below I’d get some commission.  Enough for a couple of beers, anyway.

The Third Tribe Marketing group was set up recently by some of the most successful people online:

  • Brian Clark (CopyBlogger, Thesis, Scribe)
  • Sonia Simone (CopyBlogger, Remarkable Marketing Blueprint)
  • Darren Rowse (Problogger, Digital Photography School)
  • Chris Brogan (Chris Brogan dot com, Social Media Super Hero)

This group represents a cross section of Internet Marketing business skills:

  • Blogging (Darren and Brian)
  • Marketing (Sonia and Brian)
  • Social Media (Chris)

And in its first few weeks of life the Third Tribe has attracted some other big online names. People like Leo Babauta, Johnny B Truant, Dave Navarro, Chris Pearson and a whole lot more.

This represents one of the biggest online gatherings of Internet Marketing knowledge and experience I know of.

And don’t think that, because of the names, this is too advanced for you. Absolutely not.

These guys are all approachable, interact in the forums and dispense their tips and advice freely.

If you’re early in your Internet Marketing career (like you’re just starting out) there’s not a better group to learn from. And if you’re an old hand you’ll still pick up gems from rubbing shoulders with this crowd.

Plus it’s a great (and easy) way to get to know (and become known by) some really big online names – just think of the leverage that can get you.

So what do you get as a member?

Education, and lots of it.

On how to build a successful, sustainable business online.

Every couple of weeks there’s a new recorded discussion (usually one to one and a half hours long) between one of the founders and a highly successful Internet Marketing entrepreneur.

They also run live Q and A sessions each month with at least one of the principals and sometimes a guest speaker. You can submit your questions ahead of time, or just join the call and chip in.

The most recent recorded discussion (at the time of writing) was a one and a half hour (90 minute) discussion between Sonia Simone and Brian Clark, where Brian explained the business model behind CopyBlogger.  Why he started it, what his plans were, how he started making money from it and how he grew it into the multi-million dollar business it is today.

The information in these interviews is priceless, and you can listen to them over and over again, and get new nuggets each time.

You can also download the MP3’s or transcripts (which is what I usually do) to review in your own time.

Then there are the forums.

One of the biggest advantages of the Third Tribe forums is that after a new recorded discussion, or Q and A session, the conversation continues in the Forum.  And whoever recorded the discussion joins in to clarify points and answer follow-on questions.

Forums are often the same wherever you go, but the involvement and interaction with these Internet Marketing heavy-weights affords you some wonderful insights.

And you get all levels of knowledge and experience – from absolute beginners to the old hands. That, in itself, is a differentiator for this forum.

The first two things awaiting new members are:

  • A quick start guide to making money online from Johnny B Truant
  • All the previously recorded discussions and Q & A calls – literally hours and hours of invaluable education in how to build a successful online business, from some of the most successful online business people today.

What about the downsides?

I think a number of people would like to have new content more frequently. So they would cite the low frequency of new content (new recorded discussions every week to 10 days, Q and A sessions once a month) as a negative.

My own view is that the depth of information in each of the new content packages, at least in those released so far, requires some time to absorb and implement. So this frequency doesn’t bug me.

Plus, as I mentioned above, you can continue the discussion (or ask clarification questions) in the forums after each new session.

I’ve read one particularly critical review of the Third Tribe, accusing it of merely being another site for teaching you how to blog, without a real product behind it.

It was the old cry about making money out of teaching people how to make money – but isn’t that what business school does!?

Another moan is that it offers no value to beginners.

It’s certainly true to say that Third Tribe does not give you any step-by-step, join-the-dots processes for making your first dollar online.

It’s not a keyword research school, it doesn’t go anywhere near PPC and it won’t teach you how to build a website.

If you’re looking for a ‘join the dots’ system along those lines, then the Third Tribe is not for you.

Instead, it assumes the smarts to take the information on offer, analyse it and apply it to your own business.

If you’re keen to interact with some of the most successful people online, and you’re willing to listen to their advice and work out how to apply it to your own business model, then this is definitely worth a look.

Plus you can meet like-minded people with whom you can collaborate in some way: put together a joint venture, guest post on new blogs or create some other kind of deal.

And if you do join, drop me a PM and let me know you came from here – I’d be delighted to help you settle in and show you around 🙂

Check it out here.


Martin Malden

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