Sample Newsletter – Four Marketing Tactics for Solopreneurs

Transcript of my newsletter dated 2nd November

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Marketing is one of those areas where technology and the Internet has levelled the playing field for solopreneurs, and enabled us to compete on an equal footing with the corporate world.

There are so many tools that enable us to create and manage email marketing campaigns, social media marketing campaigns and paid advertising campaigns that we’re spoilt for choice.

But first we need a plan!

This week I’ve linked to articles that look at creating a marketing plan, marketing for eCommerce businesses, social media marketing and 5 marketing channels you may not be using (yet!).

Just one point to keep in mind: 2020 has been such a shit fest of a year, that responses we would normally expect from a marketing campaign are not turning out to be normal.

It calls for a bit of creativity and experimentation to see what works – but then that’s what good marketers do anyway!

How to develop a marketing plan

This article, from Michelle Knight, goes through a 7-step process for creating and executing a marketing plan for a solopreneur business.

It includes tasks at the end of each step – follow them, add your own uniqueness and content, and you’ll have a working marketing plan:

A 7-step process to create a marketing plan

Marketing for solopreneur eCommerce businesses

This article goes through 4 strategies for marketing a solopreneur eCommerce business, with tactics within each one.

It makes frequent reference to Instagram: Instagram (often abbreviated to IG) is a great platform for marketing an eCommerce business because it is so visual.

Just make sure you have great images of your products!

Marketing a solopreneur eCommerce business

Social media marketing for solopreneurs

Mention of Instagram brings me to social media marketing.

Social media marketing is great because it’s free – at least it doesn’t cost money. But it can certainly cost you time – a lot of it!

So discipline is key here. Both in restricting the amount of time you spend on social media and in showing up regularly to provide content for your followers.

This post on Socialpreneur Diaries takes you through social media marketing in depth, from creating a strategy to finding good tools and kicking off your campaigns.

A solopreneur social media marketing strategy

5 digital marketing channels you may not be using

This post, by Pia Silva on Forbes, approaches a problem we face as solopreneurs: growing our businesses by acquiring more customers, rather than by acquiring valuable customers.

It looks at 4 marketing channels that can help you extract more value from people with whom you’ve interacted in the past, or who have visited your website in the past.

One of the channels, podcasting as a guest, rather than as a host, is something I’m about to try – I’ll let you know how it goes!

5 digital marketing channels you may have overlooked

Fun flashback

This section always brings back good memories for me!

I mentioned in an earlier email that I used to play keyboards in a couple of bands when I lived in the UK. Sultans of Swing was a regular number in our gigs:

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