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Transcript of my newsletter from 1st February

Hey there,

When I was out of work and struggling to find a job (20 years ago), I remember looking at my computer and thinking ‘there must be a way I can use that to earn a crust’

I just couldn’t think of one.

Today there are so many ways to make a living online we’re spoilt for choice – but lots of people still ask me how they could do it.

I’ve said it before: earning a living online is low-cost to set up, can be set up slowly alongside your corporate gig, can be highly profitable, and can hugely improve your quality of life.

So this week I’ve linked to two people who’ve made the transition from employee to self-employed, and a couple of ways to earn online.

Interview: Joanna Penn transitioned from corporate employee to successful online business owner

Joanna Penn had been in a corporate cubicle for 13 years working on accounts payable systems for banks – and she desperately wanted to escape.

After several false starts she found her niche almost by accident.

Her transition from corporate gigger to solo business owner took 3 years – here’s her story:

From the corporate cubicle to creative freedom

Interview: Fired from a corporate job and became a professional blogger

It took Ryan Biddulph 3 years to get his blogging business to the point where it was earning consistent, solid results after being fired from his job as a security officer.

His current lifestyle is probably the dream of many but, whatever your dream is, working online can give you the means, and the opportunity, to follow it.

Read Ryan’s story here:

Security officer to professional blogger

How to turn blogging into a business

Continuing the theme of blogging for a living, this article from Adam Enfroy goes, step-by-step, into how to make sure that your blog earns you a good, solid, consistent income.

It’s a long, detailed read, covering the mindset you need to develop and going into specific tactics you can adopt to build your readership and develop revenue streams.

If you’re not familiar with, and would like an explanation of, some of the terms he uses, just hit reply to this email and let me know what you need me to clarify. I’ll happily provide descriptions and explanations.

How to turn blogging into a business

How to benefit from your hobby

This article focuses on developing a business around photography but, whatever your interests or hobbies are, you can apply the same approach.

Photography is a great hobby on which to base a business, and this article goes through 14 ways you can generate a living from it.

If you’re an artist, or enjoy cooking, gardening or anything that involves creating stuff, you can adapt the steps in this article to generate a business of your own.

How to make a living from photography

Fun flashback

Back sometime around 1989, I went to Chris Rea’s Road to Hell concert, at Wembley in London.

I really enjoy his guitar playing, but in that concert he had two drummers and they were so perfectly in time with each other that I would not have believed it, had I not seen it.

Here’s the Road to Hell Part 2:

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