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When I started working online, back in 2003, optimising your online presence was all about doing clever things with keywords, and structuring your web pages, in such a way as to convince the search engines that whatever you had just published was the epitome of wisdom and knowledge.

That was SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in those days.

One of the results was the rise of ‘black hat’ SEO. This was about doing those clever things, but in such a way that even the most irrelevant and useless content found its way onto pages one and two of the search results.

There were also ads everywhere, from people promising literally millions of visitors to your website, in less than no time, if you just followed three easy moves that were part of their ‘secret system’.

Talk of creating trust and building a brand wasn’t even a twinkle in anyone’s eyes.

It’s very different today (thankfully!), because the approach to growing a business online is the same now as it was before the Internet: talk to your customers, build relationships, find out what they want, show up regularly and deliver on your promises.

Three of the articles I’ve linked to this week cover how to use today’s tools to build relationships and trust with your prospects and customers, even though most interaction is probably still done online.

That’s what building a sustainable, profitable business is about.

This week’s articles

In addition to those articles on building trust, I’ve also linked to one that I wrote a while ago on how to protect your computer from ransomware.

How to optimise your business’ online presence

In this article on optimising your business’ online presence, Luke Hyde goes through 3 areas to focus on that have nothing to do with the latest ‘secret’ to getting millions of visitors to your website.

It has everything to do with establishing your business’ credibility and trust with your ideal customers (I talked about ideal customers in last week’s email).

As Luke says in this article: don’t expect quick results.

Building credibility and trust takes time, but that time will be very well spent.

3 areas to focus on to build credibility and trust

6 tips for Women starting a business

This article by Beryl Stafford addresses women, but the messages are equally applicable to men starting a business!

As with the previous article, the focus is on showing up and developing personal connections in order to grow your business.

Additionally, though, she covers some best practices for securing investors, should you be looking for capital to start and grow your business.

6 tips for women starting a business

5 ways to make your marketing more memorable

In this article Martin Zwilling lists 5 ways to make your marketing activities more effective.

In keeping with this week’s people-focused theme, they all have to do with promoting interaction, and developing relationships and trust.

It’s about trying different experiments and being flexible enough to change what you’re doing based on the results.

5 ways to make your business more memorable

How to protect your computer against ransomware

In the last few newsletters I’ve included a link to an article on protecting yourself, your computer or your business from online threats.

The more we rely on the Internet for different aspects of our business, the more damaging a security breach becomes – whether it’s your computer that becomes infected with a virus or a hack that exposes your customers’ details.

This article looks at protecting your computer against a ransomware attack.

Last week I described how I nearly got caught out by a phishing scam – phishing is one of the ways that the hackers attempt to get ransomware onto your computer.

So you can never be too careful!

How to protect your computer against ransomware

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