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Selling Online Basics – a Review

Selling Online Basics. So you want to start making money on the Internet?

Then you’d better learn how to sell online.

Luckily, a friend of mine has just released an online course that would be well worth a look.

Selling Online Basics is aimed at people who are interested in setting up a small online business to make some money – but who’ve not done any selling online before.

You may have been (or are) in that position, and looked online for some information on how to get going. If so you will, doubtless, have experienced the bewildering range of courses, eBooks and systems that promise to have you making a 6-figure salary, while you sleep, by this time next month.

Or something equally outrageous.

Unfortunately, as I discovered to my cost, a lot of those so-called secret systems are way out of date, and following the steps they suggest is often more damaging than helpful.

Which led to one of the key themes of this site: an Internet Marketing business takes work, time, patience and persistence. There are no silver bullets, and anyone who tells you there are should be avoided at all costs.

Karin Hermans, the creator of Selling Online Basics, is the Managing Director of a successful off-line retail business. In recent years, she’s made greater and greater use of the Internet to market her products and sell online as well – which she now does very successfully, using all of the tools she covers in this course.

Because of that experience, she is most definitely not part of the silver bullet brigade.

And I was, therefore, keen to see what she had produced.

It’s worth pointing out at this stage: I’m not an affiliate for this course, nor do I have any financial interest in it.

Selling Online Basics

I was not disappointed.

Selling Online Basics focuses on setting up the underlying mechanics of an Internet Marketing business or eCommerce site.

Although reference is made to email marketing and other promotion methods, it doesn’t go into promotion techniques. This is not a Pay Per Click advertising course.

The focus is on how you can bring together freely available, online tools to create a professional business infrastructure that will support your marketing, selling and fulfillment activities online.

All without installing any software on your machine.

The course covers:

  • What each tool is
  • How to open each of the accounts
  • How to set up your profiles
  • How to use each tool effectively
  • How to link each tool with the others to create your integrated business infrastructure

The tools covered will enable you to:

  • Set up a website
  • Start building an email marketing list and carry out email marketing activities
  • Set up a shop on your website
  • Link your shop to a payment gateway so people can pay you
  • Initiate the fulfillment process – the way you deliver your product to your customer.

And all these tools are free.

One of the key factors in a successful online business is the ability to give your site visitors confidence that you’re a real, professional business and that they’re safe doing business on your website.

Karin’s experience with both her off-line and online businesses has given her a keen understanding of the importance of doing this.

She’s translated that to the way she has set up these tools in her business and she describes the same steps and processes in the course.

So if you’re interested in setting up a small online business but you don’t know how to make a website, or how to sell products and take payments online, this course is well worth a look.

You don’t need to know a lick of code, you don’t need an existing website and you don’t even need any money – at least not for these tools.

Check it out here.


Martin Malden

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