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Start Your Own Online Business!

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This Free, 125-page ebook will show you:

  • How to find a business to start, if you don't already have one
  • How to assess the real demand for your business
  • How to find a product to sell, if you don't already have one
  • A great business you can become part of right away
  • How to set up your own website
  • How to get lots of visitors from the search engines
  • How to market your business online
  • How to sell safely and securely online
It's everything you need to get started!

Why am I qualified to release this eBook?

Hi, I’m Martin Malden, and in August 2009 I made the move from being employed to being self-employed, running my own internet-based business.

I have two primary sources of income from this business:

  1. Affiliate revenue (commission) from selling other people’s travel and educational products online
  2. Consultancy income from building websites and advising small businesses on Internet Marketing

And I’m now enjoying the best quality of life I can remember since I was a student.

Before you start, though, let me make it clear: I’m not an Internet millionaire, and you probably won’t become one either.

But I did make a little over US$100K last year (my second full year of trading), and had a very comfortable life as a result.

No secret systems

What I cover in this eBook is not a secret system that will have you earning $X,000 a week by this time next month.

It’s about how to start building a sustainable, long term business that you run online.

You will need to plan and work at your business, and you will need to constantly develop and improve it. All this eBook does is show you how to get started.

Also, although you do need to give me your email address so I can email you the eBook, I certainly, absolutely, definitely, will not pass on your email details to anyone else.

There will be absolutely no follow-up telephone calls or bait and switch tactics.

You too can start your own online business

My experience since going solo has taught me that running my own business gives me far greater security of income than I had as an employee: I’m not going to be downsized as part of a cost saving programme, where short-term expediency rules.

Millions of people are hurting as a result of the recession that started in late 2008.

But it’s easier today to get the financial security and satisfaction of running your own business than ever before – we have the Internet to thank for that.

So I’ve compiled the experience I’ve gained since setting up this business into this free, 65-page ebook that takes you, step-by-step, through the entire process of setting up your own online business.

You don’t need to be technical. You don’t even need to be a whiz on the Internet.

This book takes you, step-by-step, through the entire process from scratch, on the assumption that you’ve never done it before.

Grab it now (it is free, after all!) and see how you can transform your quality of life (and create greater financial security at the same time).

Why I decided I had to run my own business

In 2001 the company I was working for went out of business and put me out of a job.

They owed me around US$60,000 in unpaid salary and benefits, and their bankruptcy turned me into an overstay, because it invalidated my employment visa.

I was out of work for 7 months which, in addition to the unpaid US$60K my ex-employer owed me, cost me a LOT of money.

I eventually got another job in early 2002 and set about doing 2 things:

  1. Working out how to dig myself out of my financial abyss
  2. Finding a way to make sure I was never put into in that position again.

One of the reasons I was out of work for so long was because I’d been a corporate employee for the early part of my career, before becoming a telecoms consultant.

And no one was hiring telecom consultants in 2001/02 (remember the collapse of the telecom industry that accompanied the dot com bust?).

I didn’t have a specific skill that I could use to support myself. I wasn’t an engineer, or a programmer, or a chef, or a doctor.

I needed to change that.

How I got started in Internet Marketing

One evening, a friend asked me if I ever looked at the ads on the right-hand side of the search results page.

‘No’, I said, ‘why would I?’

‘Because you can make money from them’ he replied.

That caught my interest, and it was how I got started working online.

Over the next few years I made a lot of mistakes which were, sometimes, quite expensive.

But I knew that, if I could master the art of making money online, I would never again be caught out by an employer going out of business and leaving me high and dry.

Control of my destiny would be in my hands, not the hands of inept bosses.

I’ve now been self-employed since August 2009, earning my living online and enjoying probably the best quality of life I’ve ever had.

I get up when I want to, I work when I want to, I get to do fun things during the week when everyone else is at their desk. I even get to choose who I work with.

Don’t misunderstand me – I do work. But it’s to my routine, not someone else’s. And it’s not really work because I love it.

I’ve now compiled my experience over the past few years into this free, 65-page eBook that takes you, step-by-step, through the entire process of starting your own business online so that you, too, can enjoy a hugely improved quality of life.

If you’re worried about job security, or looking for some extra income in retirement, this is for you.

This free book will show you:

  • How to find a business you could start if you don’t already have one
  • How to assess whether there’s a real demand for it
  • How to find someone else’s product to sell if you don’t have one of your own
  • A great business you can become part of, in one of the fastest growing industries today, right away
  • What tools of the trade you need to run an online business and where to find them
  • How to set up a highly effective website, even if you’ve never built one before
  • The principles of Search Engine Optimisation (it’s straightforward – promise!)
  • The principles of Online Marketing so you can promote your website on-line and off-line
  • How to sell products and take payments safely and securely on-line

It takes you through the entire process, step-by-step, with specific tasks along the way.

As long as you complete all of those tasks, you will have a fully functioning website at the end, from which you’ll be able to sell a real solution to a real need – the basis of all successful businesses.

You’ll have a separate source of earnings, which will enable you to become independent of employers, or to supplement your retirement income. Whatever you need.

It will put control of your destiny into your hands, not the hands of politicians or boardroom bosses.

A friendly heads up…

Don’t wait for your company to downsize you!

The best time to get started building your own business online is right now, while you still have a job!

It takes away all the financial pressure because you can build up the business slowly, on the side, without having to earn enough from it to pay the bills right away.

When it’s making you enough money to go full time that’s when to make the switch.

It’s the lowest risk way I know of setting up your own business!

There’s so much more security in owning your own online business than there is in working for someone else.

If you work for yourself you’re in control of your own destiny. If you work for someone else you’re just an expense, and profit = income – expenses.

So grab this free, 125-page book that will take you, step-by-step, through the entire process of creating an independent stream of income now, before the hammer drops.

Drop your name and email address into the boxes below and I’ll have it on its way to you.

Start Your Own Online Business!

Spam is illegal - your details are absolutely safe with me!
Here's my privacy policy.

Here’s what people are saying:

Pam Costa - owner, PC Tutor Naples

I have finished reading and reviewing your eBook. I really enjoyed it. You explained the material very well. I worked through it following the links and applying it to my own website. The process is very logical, the steps are easy to understand. I know you have a lot of back-up information on your website if they need more detailed explanation.

Steve Hilliar - owner,

Martin, I am just gobsmacked at the book you sent (my yahoo address). I cannot believe you have seen fit to give this away. It is sensational.

Sophia - Just starting out

"...In these difficult economic times, with so many uncertainties, It's hard to believe something this good could be free and not a scam. I am in awe of the information provided..."

Susan Bilheimer - Owner,

"...Too often, those who teach how to make money online overpromise and underdeliver. Martin's approach is the opposite.

I stumbled on his site, I have no clue how. But his invaluable tips on marketing in his newsletter really resonated with me. And, rather than have him design my site, I requested that he impart some of that knowledge to me, and we struck a deal.

I learned more in that short time with Martin than from many to whom I've paid a grand fortune.

His no-nonsense, bottom line approach is all substance and no fluff. He taught me a great deal about using Thesis, which I hope to begin doing soon..."

Sandra Du Plessis - Owner, Home Safety For Kids

"... Some little while ago, I decided to split a rather large and unwieldy site into 3 WordPress sites.

I asked questions all over the place in the Warrior Forum and stumbled across Martin when he stepped forward to answer one of my questions.

To most people it is quite easy to set up if you understand these things. Of course, me being me I was more than slightly confused.

Back to Martin and his incredible patience. He created a custom style sheet for me, then tried to talk me through setting everything up correctly. Of course, I messed it up completely, but no problem, Martin went in and fixed it all up beautifully at absolutely no cost.

I recommend Martin and his services most highly.

Martin, thank you so much for your kindness and patience..."

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Start Your Own Online Business!

Spam is illegal - your details are absolutely safe with me!
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You’ll be pleased you did – especially as it’s free.


Martin Malden.