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How to Set Up Gmail as your Email Client

Gmail Logo. I wrote back here about moving my email to Gmail and how, by setting it up correctly, no one will ever know.

You can make it absolutely transparent (so it appears to be coming from your own servers) and it’s easy to set up and link an effective signature.

But I didn’t describe how to do it.

So here goes:

Send email as if from your own account

Step 1:

In your Gmail account click settings and Mail Settings:

Gmail Settings Link.

Click the Settings > Mail Settings Link

Step 2:

In the next screen click the Accounts and Import tab:

Click the Accounts and Import tab.

Click the Accounts and Import Tab.

Step 3:

In the ‘Send Mail as’ row, click the ‘Send Mail from Another Address’ button:

Send Mail From another Address button.

Click the 'Send mail from another address' button

Step 4:

A small window will pop up asking for your other email address details:

Details of your other email account.

Fill in the details of your other email account and click 'Next step'

Fill in the details and click ‘Next Step’

Step 5:

In the next step you’re asked whether you want to send mail through the Gmail servers or your email account servers:

Choose whether to send via the Gmail servers or your own.

Choose whether to send email via Google's servers or your own.

Although the default is set to Gmail, the better option is to send through your (or your email provider’s) servers.

There are two reasons for this:

  1. Some spam filters can treat email that appears to come from Yahoo (or your own email provider) but actually comes from Gmail as spam.
  2. It’s more professional to have everything appear as if it’s coming from your own servers (or email provider)

If you select your own email provider 3 more boxes will appear:

Add details of your own server.

Fill in the details of your outgoing mail server and click 'Add Account'

Fill in the details and click ‘Add Account’

Note that Gmail will assume the SMTP server details (the top line) but these may not be correct. For example, my outgoing mail server is mail.domain.com, not smtp.domain.com.

If you’re currently using an email client (Outlook or Thunderbird) the correct details will be in the section on accounts.

If you’re not able to retrieve them that way you may need to ask your email provider for the correct details.

Step 6:

When you click ‘Add Account’ Gmail will send a verification email to the email address you’ve specified.

You need to log on to it and get the verification code, which you then paste into the box and click ‘Verify’:

Get the verification code and add it to the box.

Get the verification code from your other address and add it to the box.

Step 7:

Once the verification code is accepted your new email address will appear in the ‘Send mail as’ row of your ‘Accounts and Import’ tab:

Your new email appears below your gmail address.

On verification your new email will appear below your gmail address.

Lastly (for adding a ‘Send mail as’ address) you need to check the radio button against ‘Reply from the same address the message was sent to’.

If you have more than 1 address (which you will: the one you’ve just set up and your Gmail address) this will ensure that the correct one is used in replies.

Retrieve email from your POP3 email account

Step 1:

You also need to retrieve email sent to your other address. So in the next row on the Accounts and Import screen (‘Check mail using POP3’) click the button that says ‘Add POP3 email account’:

You’ll then see this screen:

Add your POP3 email address details.

Add your POP3 (incoming) email address details.

Enter your email address and click ‘Next Step’.

Step 2:

You’ll see this screen:

Fill in details and password and choose settings.

Fill in the details, your password and choose your settings.

Fill in your account details and select the settings you want, then click ‘Add Account’

As long as your details are correct your email account will then be listed in the ‘Check Mail using POP3’ section:

Your new email account displaid after details entered.

Your new email account is displaid after the details have been correctly entered.

That’s it – you’re all done. Gmail is your new email client and no one will ever know.


Martin Malden


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