Should I Start a Podcast?

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Podcasting is everywhere right now.

The first one was created in 2004, when Adam Curry launched the Daily Source Code show.

The following year Apple released iTunes 4.9, which supported the podcast format and created a mass market platform for it.

According to Earthweb, there are now more than 2 million podcasts worldwide, and iTunes hosts more than 700,000 of them.

Everyone’s getting into it.

2 million is a lot, for sure, but compared to the number of websites (1.93 billion in March 2022 – see here) it’s peanuts.

So as crowded as the podcast world may seem, there’s still plenty of opportunity.

I’ve often thought about getting into podcasting, but I’m not convinced that it’s my medium. I prefer writing, despite what I say lower down about the benefits of podcasting.

But I have taken a baby step: I now record an audio version of each new page or post that I publish.

I’m learning about recording good quality audio and, with the help of a couple of friends, some simple editing.

And I’m enjoying it.

I’m using basic equipment: a reasonable quality headset with a stalk microphone, and Audacity, which is a free audio recording and editing app. Total outlay: USD15.99.

I have a small room in which I record, I close the curtains to deaden the echo, and the windows to keep the background noise out.

It’s as basic as you can get.

So if you’re curious about getting into podcasting, it will cost you next to nothing to start dabbling.

Record audio versions of your blog posts, play around, try different things, and see how it goes.

If you enjoy it, you can take it further. If not, you’ve lost nothing.

But here’s the thing:

Everything I have read says that podcasts are a wonderful way to grow your business.

Publishing your podcast on as many of the podcast hosting platforms as you can, gets backlinks to your website from trusted, authoritative sources.

Which is great for SEO.

And if you don’t want to host your own podcast, you can appear as a guest on other people’s podcasts.

It’s another way to ride the trend and get the SEO benefit of links from trusted websites.

Plus, other peoples’ audiences get to hear and learn about you and your business.

Again, a great way to grow it.

On a different note, someone left me feedback a couple of weeks ago saying that they were looking for more motivational stuff. I can’t thank you directly, because you didn’t give your name, but you know who you are: thank you!

The fourth link below is for you.

This week’s links

The first 3 links are all focused on podcasting: a simple podcasting guide, 6 interview question mistakes to avoid, and 21 podcast recording tips.

The final link is in response to the request for more motivational information.

A simple guide to podcasting

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6 interview question mistakes to avoid

The previous article covered some different podcast formats and, if you’re thinking of using interviews in your podcast, you’ll want to avoid these common interview question mistakes:

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21 podcast recording tips

Podcasting is becoming more professional every day, but it doesn’t have to cost a lot to create a great sound. There are some simple tips among these 21 that will give your podcast a more professional sound, whatever equipment you’re using:

21 podcast recording tips

16 motivational tips

Leo Babauta gives 16 ways to re-motivate yourself when you’re feeling unmotivated and struggling to get things done:

Get off your butt – 16 motivational tips


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