Simple Sites Sell Well

If you want your online shop to do well, make sure it’s clean, clear, simple, fast-loading and designed for visitors on hand-held devices.

Social media has changed the way we use the Internet.

Today, we browse the Internet on hand-held devices and we live on our social media accounts.

Why? Because our social media accounts curate all the information in which we’re interested into one location.

No more needing to move from website to website just to catch up on what interests us.

So when people visit your website they do so for a specific reason. Most likely because a headline from one of your pages caught their attention in their news feed.

Or your page turned up in a search result.

And if the page on which they land does not immediately deliver on the promise that took your visitor there, they will click that back button and be gone.

So each page on your website must have one specific objective. Don’t make your site visitor stop and think about what to do next – tell them (or make it extremely obvious).

Some time ago I had a week in Boracay (Philippines) which I booked entirely online – and their website perfectly illustrated my point.

It was a perfect example of simple but effective web design, and flawlessly executed delivery.

If you ever feel the need to visit Boracay (and I do recommend it) then you should take a look at the My Boracay Guide site to make your bookings.

The site is nicely designed but, most importantly, it’s simple and clear.

Here’s the hotel booking page. For he sake of space on this page I’ve cropped the room images which were just below the booking form:

Boracay hotel booking form

No flash, no movies, well spaced out content (making it easy to read), and clear navigation.

The result is a fast loading, easily understandable website, that inspires confidence.

I still get requests today to design eCommerce sites that have images that slide in from left and right as you scroll down, sliders rotating images across the top of the page and so on.

All those things do is slow down your page-load time and distract your site visitor from what you want them to do.

And given that it’s highly likely that your site visitor is using a hand-held device the very last thing you want is pages that load slowly.

That will increase the likelihood of them clicking back to their social media account!

Exquisite designs are nice to look at, but your site visitor isn’t interested in looking at your design: they just want to complete what they came for as quickly and seamlessly as possible.


Martin Malden

Martin Malden
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