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For a long time, social media has been free-wheeling (some would say ‘a complete zoo’) because you could say anything and get away with it.

But that’s changing.

There’s no doubt that some businesses make huge sums of money from social media marketing – I’ve linked to one such below – but it’s a double-edged sword.

Not only does it take up a lot of time – some companies I know have full-time positions devoted purely to social media – but it can go horribly wrong, as I covered back here (scroll down to the 4th link).

The explosion of misinformation and lies on social media has led to a rise in moderation, which will continue thanks to an increasing focus from governments around the world.

And that, as Donald Trump has found, can lead to your page being taken down overnight.

Not too good if your business is based on social media.

If you, even inadvertently, infringe their terms and conditions you can wake up one day to find your business page gone.

And yes: people have been sued for what they’ve posted on social media – just ask Elon Musk.

So you need to recognise the cons as well as the pros, and handle social media with care.

This week’s links

This week I’ve linked to articles on how to avoid getting sued for your social media posts, how to maximise your Facebook marketing, an interview with an Instagram marketer and tips on Instagram marketing.

Can you be sued because of what you add to your social media business account?

You will remember that Elon Musk was sued in 2018 for saying on social media that one of the divers who rescued the children trapped in a cave in Thailand was a child abuser.

Accountability for what you post on social media is increasing, so here are some tips that will help you to avoid being sued because of your social media posts.

Can I be sued because of my social media content?

The Dos and Don’ts of Facebook Marketing

In the world of social media marketing Facebook should be your first port of call, unless you already have a large band of followers on one of the other platforms.

One of the advantages of Facebook is that it owns Instagram, and linking your Instagram page to your Facebook page gives you access to two platforms for the price (time!) of one.

For example, you can set up a product catalogue on Facebook to sell directly to your followers and that same catalogue feeds Instagram – so you can immediately extend the reach of your ads, while only having one product catalogue to manage.

And Facebook has the best targeting function of any of the platforms – by far. You can be incredibly specific in who you target in your campaigns.

Here are some Facebook marketing tips – which actually apply to any social media marketing activity:

4 top tips for marketing on Facebook

Interview: How Isaac Pelayo makes a 6-figure income on Instagram

While social media marketing is a great promotion channel, the different social media sites have different strengths and you will need to focus on those that best suit your business.

Instagram clearly suits people whose products are very visual – artists or photographers.

In this interview, Isaac Pelayo explains how he got laid off from Disney and now makes a 6-figure income selling his paintings on Instagram:

How Isaac Pelayo makes a 6-figure income on Instagram

7 ways to up your Instagram game

Those who do well on any social media account do so because they know which platform features to use and how to use them effectively.

Knowing and using that information increases the effectiveness of your campaigns exponentially.

This article analyses the Instagram features that are trending in popularity, all supported with the evidence.

If you’re an Instagrammer, using these IG features will improve the effectiveness of your Instagram marketing strategy:

7 ways to up your Instagram game

Fun flashback

‘Grease’ was one of the iconic films of the 70’s – nothing more needs to be said!

Here’s Travolta and his supporting dancers with ‘Greased Lightning’:

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