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Do You Make This Mistake?

“Please post your answer on my blog”. That was the request at the end of a question I read on one of my social sites last week.

I see similar requests on other sites. Things like ‘please visit my blog and leave a comment’.

If there’s one thing that guarantees I won’t visit their blog, let alone leave a comment, it’s a request like that.

Why would I want to visit and leave a comment on a blog that covers a subject I have absolutely zero interest in or knowledge about..!?

And yet people who write blogs on cat feeding, or subjects equally as far removed from the subject of this blog, continue to leave ‘please visit’ requests on my social site profiles.

There’s nothing wrong with linking to a page or article on your site from a social site if it adds to, or provides more detail on, the subject being discussed, or the question that was asked.

In these cases the link is acting as a reference point to provide more information.

But being told (or asked) to put an answer to a question in a different place from which it’s being asked is just a lame attempt at getting visitors.

They’re trying to hijack the conversation – to move it off the social site and on to their blog.

From the blogger’s perspective it doesn’t do much good either. Most people won’t become regular readers of a blog unless it provides a good reason for them to do so.

So the odds are that anyone who went there to answer the question wouldn’t bother to return – unless that good reason was immediately obvious to them.

i.e. the blog needs to be packed with good, well written content that’s relevant to their interests, whatever they may be.

If they’ve got that, then they’d be getting readers naturally, so they wouldn’t be asking people to post their answers there.

So, if you want people to visit your blog here are some ideas:

  1. Decide what your blog is going to be about and stick to your subject
  2. Write articles (or post videos, post images, etc) that provide valuable information that’s relevant to the subject of your blog – i.e. how to’s, reviews, commentary, news, satire – whatever you want, but make it good.
  3. When you use the social sites avoid asking people to visit your blog.

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