Here’s How I Care for my Mental Well-Being

Text from my newsletter of 7th March.

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I took the picture above on my walk this morning, it’s part of my morning routine: my alarm goes at 5:15, I have a cup of tea, deal with my email and check the websites I’m managing. Then I do some exercises and go out for a walk in the hills.

And when I don’t follow that routine, I feel edgy and uneasy during the day.

Last week was an example: we had some weather here that many countries would consider mild but, for Hong Kong, was exceptionally cold. Temperatures down to around 6 degrees, accompanied by high winds and rain.

So I didn’t do my walk for the first 4 days of the week.

During that time the government here further tightened the Covid restrictions in the face of soaring infections (they’re now planning a city-wide lockdown) and Russia launched its attack on Ukraine.

Along with the foul weather, no exercise, and being stuck alone in my flat, the flow of bad news was getting to me by Thursday.

I was stressed, edgy on the phone and I didn’t want to see anyone. Not good.

Luckily, on Friday the weather cleared up, and I did my first walk of the week. It transformed my mood.

I tell that story because it reinforced, for me, the importance of my routine and exercise on my mental well-being.

I knew that, of course, but it’s easy to become complacent and, sometimes, a physical demonstration of something that I understand logically keeps me on my toes.

There’s stacks of evidence of the benefits of exercise, even gentle exercise, on your creativity, the ability to solve nagging problems and general health, but it’s easy to become lazy.

‘I don’t feel like it today’ can easily become two days and, before I know it, I haven’t hiked for a week!

A lot of people are feeling mentally shredded as a result of the pandemic, particularly here in HK. The incompetence of the administration here just adds to the pressures of being separated from friends and family, and the economic hardships created by the lockdowns.

It’s more important than ever, in these times, to take care of your mental health. A routine plus regular exercise are both good things to get into the habit of.

The first article I’ve linked to this week also touches on this. If you’re feeling the pressure it’s a good read.

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