How to Fix ‘Submitted URL Marked Noindex’

Every now and then I get an error message from Google Search Console that tells me a ‘submitted URL is marked noindex’.

This is an easy error to attract because it’s caused by marking a new page on your site as ‘noindex’, but then forgetting to exclude it from your XML sitemap.

Basically, the rule is this: if you do not want a page to be indexed by the search engines then you need to exclude it from your sitemap, as well as marking it ‘noindex’.

The process for removing a page from your sitemap if you’re using WordPress is straight-forward:

  1. Locate the page ID
  2. Paste the page ID into the ‘Excluded items’ field in your sitemap plugin (the field title may vary between XML sitemap plugins)
  3. Save your changes
  4. Re-submit your sitemap in Google Search Console
  5. Click the button (in Google Search Console) to validate your fix

You can also submit a request for the specific page to be removed from Google’s cache, although I generally do not bother with that unless it’s really important that the page is not found by accident in the search results.

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This video takes you through the process of excluding the errant page from your XML sitemap:

Leave a comment below if I need to clarify anything 🙂


Martin Malden

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