Secrets of Successful Mid-Life Entrepreneurs

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I started my journey towards solopreneurship nearly 20 years ago, when the company I was working for went out of business owing me more than HK$500,000 (US$62,500).

At the time I could boast loads of experience in the corporate world but no specific skill that I could ‘sell’.

The period of time that I was unemployed for was pretty tough (we have no social security system here in HK) and it made me realise that I had to learn a marketable skill, so that I could develop independence from future employers.

Long story short: I developed my web design skills and, in 2009, kicked off my solopreneur business. The time since then has involved a lot of hard work, but a hugely improved quality of life.

So what is it about solopreneurship that attracts you?

Here are some thoughts from others:

Secrets of successful mid-life entrepreneurs

Although the title of this article refers to ‘entrepreneurs’ what it covers applies equally to solopreneurs!

Starting with a clear goal in mind, minimising financial exposure, embracing technology, even if you’re not technical yourself, and establishing a feedback or support loop have all been important to me in my journey:

Four secrets to success as a mid-life entrepreneur

Things to think about and useful solo business ideas

This article focuses on starting a home-based business – and most solopreneurs will probably be thinking in terms of starting their business from home, if only to keep the initial costs down!

If you’re keen to become a solopreneur but not sure of the exact business you’re going to run, there are some useful links to solopreneur business ideas in this article.

Things to think about when starting a home-based business

6 Tips for Solopreneurs

I’ve said it before: the technology that’s available today makes it much, much easier to start and scale a solopreneur business than it was 20 years ago.

This article looks at starting an online business and focuses on 6 important tips for starting and growing your solopreneur business.

6 Super valuable business tips for solopreneurs

How to ace the modern-day side hustle

Here’s another adaptation of . . .preneur: infopreneur.

Becoming an infopreneur is probably the simplest and cheapest way you could start your solopreneur business.

It requires little more than your knowledge and it’s easy to start alongside your day job so you can build it up to the point where you can transition almost seamlessly to solopreneurship.

Infopreneurship: how to ace the modern side hustle

Fun flashback

Years ago, when I lived in the UK, I played keyboards in a couple of bands. This is one of the songs we did quite regularly in one of them:

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