Articles on the Power of a Positive Attitude

The articles listed below discuss the benefits of a positive attitude on your life and your business. Click the headline to read the full article.

People Thought I was Crazy – But I Have my Vision

I’ve been self employed for 18 months now and I love every minute of the independence it brings me. Recently, I was contacted by a head hunter who was looking for someone to work for China’s ‘most used and largest internet service portal’ (at least, that’s what their website says). When I told a couple… Read more

The Ugly Truth about Achieving Your Goals

When I first got into Internet Marketing I struggled. A lot. But being up against it forces you to review your values, your priorities and what it is you’re really trying to achieve in life. I’m glad, now, that I struggled but I’m much more glad that I didn’t join the 95% of people who… Read more

3 Timeless Tips for Internet Marketing Newbies

I’ve been lucky enough to pick up a nice new contract, setting up and maintaining websites for a group of 6 restaurant/bars here in Hong Kong. As a result I’ve had a frantic week and I haven’t had time to research and produce my normal second article. So, instead, I’ve spent some time looking back… Read more

Freeloaders and Avoiding Responsibility

Another excellent article from Nathan Hangen this week, with which I totally empathized. It continues the theme I referred to here with the point that there’s a ‘freeloading’ mindset today. Along with ‘freeloading’ I would add ‘responsibility avoidance’. And it’s not healthy. I see it reflected in so many ways. It’s the kind of mindset… Read more

How To Build a Loyal Customer Base

I saw a question recently where someone was asking for advice on providing an Internet Marketing consulting service. It was apparently their first, or one of their first, consulting gigs. The question was full of vibes about how to protect themselves by making sure their client couldn’t take anything they came up with to another… Read more

How to Benefit From a Recession

Update – 21st October, 2011: I’ve written a new article on this same theme, but taking into account the chaos caused by the sovereign and bank debt crises, which are affecting the European and US economies so badly. You can find it here. I’ve also released a step-by-step course on how to set up a… Read more