Articles on Autoresponders

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How to Insert an Opt-in Form on WordPress

I wrote a post recently on how to insert an Opt-in form on a WordPress blog with no sidebars. It’s attracted a lot of views from people searching how to create an opt-in form on WordPress, so I figured a description of how to insert one in a blog that does have sidebars might be… Read more

How to Insert an Opt-In Form on WordPress With No Sidebars

Here’s an interesting question I saw recently: my theme is not widget-ready, so how do I insert an opt-in form on my WordPress blog? There are a couple of ways of doing that. 1. Using the What Would Seth Godin Do Plugin This plugin was originally designed to offer different personal greetings, posted at the… Read more

How To Set Up PayPal and Aweber To Work Together

I’ve seen a couple of questions recently about how to combine Aweber and PayPal.  The person asking the question wanted to be able to get their buyers to also subscribe to their list, so they could follow up with them effectively. This is one of the best ways to build a sustainable online business and… Read more

Why Not to Use Free Autoresponders

Q. Why should you pay the monthly fee associated with the big, well-established autoresponder service providers, when there are several autoresponder applications that you can download, install and run yourself – free..? A. Because in the long run using one of the free, self-hosted autoresponders will cost you more than the service from the big… Read more