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Branding: How to Create Your Unique Difference

I’ve seen a lot of talk in blogging forums lately about developing your blogging voice. But developing your voice shouldn’t be restricted to blogging. It applies to all your online activities, and it’s a powerful part of the way you brand yourself in the crowded world of marketing online. Your voice is the style in… Read more

Why Don’t My Comments Get Approved?

I saw an interesting question in a forum this week: Why don’t the comments I leave on blogs get approved? I can only speak for myself, but here are my thoughts: I get a lot of comments that are clearly there just for the link, and obviously so. Like those in the image above! They… Read more

Develop Your Blogging Voice

Just lately the term ‘blogging voice’ seems to be popping up everywhere. What does it mean? A new technology? Audio blogging? Actually no. It’s much simpler than that in concept, but quite tough to get in practice. But you do need to get it, because it forms part of your branding. Here’s what I think… Read more

Backlinks, No Follow and Page Rank

The first thing I’d say is don’t get hung up on Page Rank and all that other SEO-type stuff. You’re focusing on the wrong thing. You need to focus on what your visitors want and give it to them. That’s it. Having said that, the nofollow tag on a site does not have any impact on… Read more

How Does A Blog Benefit SEO?

I just saw an interesting question in a forum: how does a blog help with SEO?  Here’s how: An active (and that’s important) blog is attractive to a search engine for three primary reasons: It’s updated with new information regularly Through the mechanism of tags and categories (or labels on blogger), its content is well… Read more