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WordPress Wins 2010 CMS Award

This is a hectic time for me because I was at the Macau GP last weekend (Formula 3 and World Touring Car Championship series) and I’m going to Kuala Lumpur this weekend for the final of the HK Classic Car Series, so a couple of short posts this week! For a while now I’ve built… Read more

3 Timeless Tips for Internet Marketing Newbies

I’ve been lucky enough to pick up a nice new contract, setting up and maintaining websites for a group of 6 restaurant/bars here in Hong Kong. As a result I’ve had a frantic week and I haven’t had time to research and produce my normal second article. So, instead, I’ve spent some time looking back… Read more

How to Create Your Unique Difference

I’ve seen a lot of talk in blogging forums lately about developing your blogging voice. But developing your voice shouldn’t be restricted to blogging. It applies to all your online activities, and it’s a powerful part of the way you brand yourself in the crowded world of marketing online. Your voice is the style in… Read more

How to Schedule Posts in WordPress

I took myself off on holiday recently and decided use WordPress’ scheduled publishing feature to keep the content flowing on this site while I was lying on the beach. I simply wrote some articles before I left and scheduled them to be published every other day while I was away. It’s such a useful feature… Read more

How to Add Post Images to WordPress

Post images – those thumbnail-sized images that I use at the start of each article – can help strengthen the impact of your message, as well as providing some visual appeal. But how to add them? I saw a question recently where someone asked the forum what plugins were available to help manage post images… Read more

2nd Update: Content Marketing Experiment

Time for another update on my content marketing experiment. (Here’s the last update). Remember what the experiment’s about: I set up a travel website on 1st February, for the purpose of earning affiliate income through promoting tours to Asia. It’s built with WordPress and configured to look like a static website. The objective is to… Read more

Social Media Marketing, Internet Marketing or Both?

There seems to have been some noise recently about balancing Social Media Marketing techniques with traditional Internet Marketing. And just as well. For a while people who were traditional Internet Marketers, writing long sales letters that were full of hype and yellow highlighting, didn’t get blogging, Twitter and the rest. Thought it was all pretty… Read more

Content Marketing Experiment – a Quick Update

A couple of weeks ago I told you about my content marketing experiment and, although it’s extremely early days yet, I thought a quick update would be good. Remember, the experiment was to see whether I could start earning affiliate commissions off a travel site on which I did no paid promotions of any kind… Read more

Google Page 1 Out Of 192 Million Results

It may not be a big deal to you but it is to me. After 2 years of work this site is finally on the first page of Google, out of 192,000,000 results, for the search term Online Home Business Tips. And here’s the picture to prove it. OK, I’m only at number 10, but… Read more

Content Marketing: An Experiment

Last week I mentioned that I’d been building a new travel site. It’s up now, and it’s an experiment with Content Marketing. So here’s my thought process behind the site and the way I’ve set it up. Going forward, I’ll update you on the progress of the site as it grows and (hopefully!) starts to… Read more