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The articles listed below cover various points on using categories in WordPress. Click the headline to read the full article.

I saw an interesting question today while browsing the queries for which this site has been returned in the search results: What is the difference between WordPress pages, WordPress posts and WordPress categories? Being able to use these three elements in the way they are intended can make a big difference to how your site… Read more

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This video explains the differences – the full details are below Categories and pages are both powerful elements of WordPress, but they’re very different. One is part of the WordPress filing system, the other is for displaying important (but static) information to your visitors. WordPress Pages: If your site is a blog For sites that… Read more

I wrote a post here about the difference between categories and tags but, when I reviewed it this week, I found that it’s incomplete.  So here’s an update. In that post I talked about categories being like filing cabinets, containing all your posts on a given subject area. What I didn’t say, and should have… Read more

I came across an unusual question this week:  The questioner wanted to know how to assign blog posts to specific pages that would be displaid in the blog menu. Their blog is a cookery blog and they wanted to be able to write a post that would be (for example) an Italian recipe, and allow… Read more

WordPress categories

WordPress categories and tags are important tools that should lead readers to related articles, keeping them on your site for longer. And, used properly, they can be important SEO tools. Here’s what they are and what they do: Categories I use the analogy that WordPress (your website) is like a filing cabinet – it contains… Read more