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How SEO Has Changed From 2 Years Ago

For the everyday webmaster (as opposed to SEO academics) Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has changed a lot in the last couple of years. There was a time when we sweated over keyword density, what to put in our title tags, how many keywords to use and so on. And the result was often a page… Read more

How to Write Your About Page to Win More Readers

When I first set up this blog I had no idea how to write my ‘About’ page. Writing about yourself is difficult, anyway, but when you don’t understand how to best use the page it’s ten times worse. So I wrote something that set out my life story – after all, the page was supposed… Read more

How to Write Killer Headlines and Double Your Readership

This is one of those things that sits under your nose for years before you notice it. I’ve been a reader of Copyblogger almost since I started working online, meaning most of the past 4 years. One of the primary links on the Copyblogger website is Headline Writing, which links to a series of articles… Read more

10 Ways to Improve Your Copywriting and 5 Things I Should do Better

An extraordinarily refreshing post on Men With Pens today on why you should not write too often. Refreshing, because it goes against the advice all bloggers get when they start out: namely that they must post a new article every day. That’s one piece of advice I’ve never followed, not just because I’m inherently lazy… Read more

What Makes a Good Blog

I read two different articles today, both of which (essentially) addressed the question of what makes a good blog. The answer is, I think, as long as a piece of string because it depends entirely on what your blog is about and what the goal for it is. If you’re creating a resource for people… Read more

Why and How to Use H Tags

Why should you make use of the H tags in blog posts? Because, in addition to the SEO benefits they bring, they highlight a roadmap through your article. People skim read articles online, and if your article is just a load of unbroken text you’ll lose them before the 4th line. Reading unbroken text on… Read more

How to Overcome Writer’s Block

I’ve read a lot of posts on overcoming writer’s block (or blogger’s block) recently so I thought I’d add one of my own. If you’re blogging to a schedule (you should be, if you’re treating your blog as a business) the time for your next article will often come around when you’re feeling uninspired. You’re… Read more

Making an ASS out of U and ME

I’ve had two reality checks in the last 24 hours: Firstly, I was helping a friend with something last night when he asked me to explain one of my articles to him (this one). And I thought I wrote clear, jargon-free posts! The second was a question someone asked in the Warrior Forum: ‘What is… Read more

How to Write an Optimised Article

Interesting question in the Warrior Forum today: are WordPress posts treated as pages on-line and should I target individual keywords in posts? The short answer is ‘yes’ and ‘yes’. Which led me to thinking about how to write an optimised article. Here are the steps I follow: Step 1: Optimising my post content. The first… Read more

What’s Your Blogging Voice?

Just lately the term ‘blogging voice’ seems to be popping up everywhere. What on earth does it mean? A new technology? Audio blogging? Actually no. It’s much simpler than that in concept, but quite tough to get in practice. But you do need to get it, because it forms part of your branding. Here’s what… Read more