Articles on CSS

The articles below cover different points on using CSS to style your website. Click the headline to read the full article.

How to Find the Correct CSS Selector in a Pre-Existing Website Design

I am often asked to help people customise an existing website layout or design, where the element they want to edit is not included in the standard Appearance > Customise screens (assuming they’re using WordPress). In this situation there’s no option but to add the styling manually through the ‘Additional CSS’ tab, which you’ll find… Read more

How to Customise WordPress’ Appearance

I’ve seen quite a lot of questions recently asking how to change the appearance of a WordPress site. Update: 20th November, 2018: The steps outlined below for editing your theme’s stylesheet are correct, but some time ago WordPress introduced a ‘Customise’ link under the ‘Appearance’ menu item. Clicking that link will take you to a… Read more

Variable Width Websites: An Update

A while ago I wrote about converting some of my websites to variable width. My thinking at the time was that, for someone using a wide-screen monitor, the appearance would be better if the content expanded to fill a larger portion of the screen. Having got a couple of them successfully converted I had second… Read more

What is CSS?

In this post I said that CSS is one of the codes or languages that have been developed to work with HTML, to improve the efficiency with which the fonts and styling of a website are defined. So what is CSS? CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and it’s the way the themeing or styling… Read more

How to Build a Variable Width Website

Why would you want to build a variable-width website? Because the range of screen widths on which people browse the internet now ranges from around 12 inches to twice that size. And if you choose to view your computer through your TV you could be viewing web pages on screens many times bigger than people… Read more