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Email Marketing Made Easy

Summary (full details below): Product name:Aweber Automated Email Marketing What it does:It is an automated email marketing system, collecting subscribers’ email addresses and sending out emails as defined by you. It offers extensive training and cutting-edge technologies, ensures you’re in compliance with current legislation and protects you in the event of problems. Full details below… Read more

Email Marketing: How One Mistake Could Cost You $100,000

I read two articles recently that reminded me of some important lessons. The first one recounts several examples of people who have been the victims of boiler room scams. Internet Marketing websites captured the victims’ contact details by offering eBooks or CD’s on how to make money online, and then turned their details over to… Read more

How Effective is Your Opt-In Form?

My opt-in list has never grown all that quickly. For most of the time I’ve had an opt-in form on my site I’ve been getting up to 6 a day, or thereabouts. No more than that. And my list was not all that responsive either. There are lots of factors that contribute to this, including… Read more

Size Isn’t Important. Really.

An interesting conversation with a potential customer yesterday got me thinking about the perception of success. People working online mostly judge success by the size of various numbers: the number of RSS subscribers, the number of daily/monthly visitors, the number of newsletter opt-ins, and so on. For example, many in the F & B industry… Read more

How To Set Up PayPal and Aweber To Work Together

I’ve seen a couple of questions recently about how to combine Aweber and PayPal.  The person asking the question wanted to be able to get their buyers to also subscribe to their list, so they could follow up with them effectively. This is one of the best ways to build a sustainable online business and… Read more

Why Not to Use Free Autoresponders

Q. Why should you pay the monthly fee associated with the big, well-established autoresponder service providers, when there are several autoresponder applications that you can download, install and run yourself – free..? A. Because in the long run using one of the free, self-hosted autoresponders will cost you more than the service from the big… Read more

How to Avoid These Simple Errors

In these days of spelling and grammar checkers, both online and off-line, I’m continually amazed by how many blogs and websites I read that contain obvious spelling errors. I’m not talking about the differences between American English and UK English, or Australian English – I’m talking out and out spelling errors. Spelling errors and, to… Read more