Articles on How to be Successful

The articles listed below cover a few ways to improve the success of your business. Click the headline to read the full article.

People Thought I was Crazy – But I Have my Vision

I’ve been self employed for 18 months now and I love every minute of the independence it brings me. Recently, I was contacted by a head hunter who was looking for someone to work for China’s ‘most used and largest internet service portal’ (at least, that’s what their website says). When I told a couple… Read more

The Ugly Truth about Achieving Your Goals

When I first got into Internet Marketing I struggled. A lot. But being up against it forces you to review your values, your priorities and what it is you’re really trying to achieve in life. I’m glad, now, that I struggled but I’m much more glad that I didn’t join the 95% of people who… Read more

To Quit or Not To Quit

Seth Godin’s book The Dip has some inspiring lessons for people at all stages in their career or business. Its message is quite simple: all new projects and businesses will hit a dip – that point in time when reality sets in and the excitement of the new project has worn off. Suddenly it all… Read more

Freeloaders and Avoiding Responsibility

Another excellent article from Nathan Hangen this week, with which I totally empathized. It continues the theme I referred to here with the point that there’s a ‘freeloading’ mindset today. Along with ‘freeloading’ I would add ‘responsibility avoidance’. And it’s not healthy. I see it reflected in so many ways. It’s the kind of mindset… Read more

10 Steps to Success Online

I read a series of posts in a forum group yesterday which set out the steps people should take in order to achieve success in their online businesses.   So I chipped in with my own views – which I’ve repeated here: Take as much pressure off yourself as you can In my experience, if your… Read more

Can a Blog Replace a Resume? It Can and Should

Job hunting in a recession… I saw an interesting question today: can a blog replace a resume? My answer was ‘Yes’.  If not a blog then a managed web presence not only can, but should replace a resume (especially if you’re environmentally conscious). There’s a truly spectacular array of sites where anyone can set up… Read more