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How Good is Your Offer?

I’m currently working with a client on the second version of an eCommerce site. The first version had a clean, attractive design, but it suffered from a slow load time and numerous little glitches. And sales have been extremely disappointing. A large part of the reason for the poor performance of the site is the… Read more

Moving Your HTML Website to WordPress: 4 Things to Think About

Update: If you’re looking for the step-by-step process for migrating an HTML site to WordPress you can find it here. Original article starts here: Just recently I’ve seen a few questions in a couple of the forums asking about moving an existing HTML static website to WordPress. As big a fan as I am of… Read more

Why Your Top Level Domain is Important

I have a customer here in Hong Kong who is targeting incoming visitors, most of whom will come from the US, Europe or Australia. So when he asked me to take over the management and maintenance of his site it presented a good opportunity to review his objectives for it. Which is when I learned… Read more

Is Your Website Delivering What You Expected?

Interesting meeting with a customer today. They’re an existing business with offices in a number of countries and a website that’s supposed to be a business development channel. Except it’s not developing business. In this case one of the primary reasons is because the business itself hasn’t defined how it wants to be organised and… Read more

A Very Slick Experience

That’s not the Stig on the left, it’s me in my Karting suit. And there’s a lesson behind that. If you’re the lucky recipient of my weekly newsletter you’ll know that I’ve been a lifelong motor-racing fan. Apart from avidly following Formula 1, I drove racing Go Karts for a while until I broke my… Read more

Are You Easy to do Business With?

We all like to think that because we’re marketers we’re the trailblazers at being easy to do business with. After all, we’re fixated on customer experience. We’re all about making it easy (a no-brainer even) for the customer to say ‘yes’ to our pitch. But are we really that good? Two recent examples of not… Read more

I’ve Moved Everything to GMail – Here’s Why

I’ve been using Thunderbird as my email client for ages – years – and I’ve always been very happy with it. But last weekend a wave of emails containing the JS/Redir virus starting hitting me (and they’re still hitting me now). AVG spotted the virus (which was good) but couldn’t get rid of it (not… Read more

Internet Marketing Basics for Small Businesses

I’ve been lucky enough to pick up two new contracts recently for web design services for small companies in a totally non web-related industry. And, in both cases, the current providers have been giving a poor service. Understandably, their customers (my new customers) are totally unfamiliar with the web and the basics of promoting a… Read more

How Not to Do Business Online

Renewing an existing subscription should be the simplest possible of online transactions, so it’s amazing how consistently AVG manage to screw this up. I have two PC’s, both currently running AVG Internet Security. I moved to AVG from McAfee because it doesn’t slow down the PC performance as much. But two things where McAfee was… Read more

How to Create Your Unique Difference

I’ve seen a lot of talk in blogging forums lately about developing your blogging voice. But developing your voice shouldn’t be restricted to blogging. It applies to all your online activities, and it’s a powerful part of the way you brand yourself in the crowded world of marketing online. Your voice is the style in… Read more