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How Can I Speed up My WordPress Website?

The more the web goes mobile, the more important becomes the speed at which your website pages load. Speed is definitely king – at least on the web. Adding a caching plugin to WordPress and using a CDN are both good ways to speed up your page load times, but they will deliver only limited… Read more

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review – a Fast, Powerful, Accurate SEO Keyword Research Tool

How does Jaaxy compare to the Google Keyword Planner? To beat your competition you need to figure higher in the search results than they do – and a powerful, fast, accurate keyword research tool, that finds and details the pages you would be competing with for your chosen keyword, is an indispensable part of your… Read more

How to Create a Dual Language Website

Most websites these days are based on Content Management Systems and, of those, WordPress is by far the most widely used. If you’re using WordPress, there are a number of plugins that handle dual language translations. I’ve described how I translate WordPress websites with the plugin that I use. Read the details here. If you’re… Read more

Increase Your Website’s Traffic: Do Your SEO in Foreign Languages

This is a guest post from Christian Arno, of Lingo24. Most of us put a lot of effort into SEO for our content in English, but it’s every bit as important to get this right for your foreign-language content too. The good news is that the basics are the same in every language. Using the… Read more

How to Set Up 301 Redirects in WordPress

With the ever increasing emphasis on quality-of-content in the search engines’ algorithms, making sure you update or clear out articles which are either out of date or of little value is important. So I spent a lot of time recently reviewing and either updating or trashing old articles on this site. In a recent article… Read more

Does Your Site Pass the Website Speed Test?

For some time now Google has taken website (or, rather, page) load-times into account when ranking pages in their search results. The reason is simple: fast page-load speeds give your visitors a better experience, and Google is all about improving web users’ experience. Plus, as the web goes mobile, page load speed is becoming ever… Read more

How to Define and Strengthen Your Brand Online

I was asked last week to write something on branding, and I remembered a branding article I wrote back in 2007. A lot of what I said in that article still holds true, but this article contains the benefit of some more years of online experience! What is branding? Branding is about creating awareness of… Read more

4 Ways to Grow Your Audience

The original title of this post refers to ‘links’, but the methods I’ve discussed below are more about increasing your audience. A targetted audience is what you really need. Links from all the places I’ve covered below are now ‘nofollow’, which removes the link-value they would once have provided. So think in terms of audience… Read more

7 Ways to Achieve Better Search Results and More Visitors

If you set up a new website it’s quite likely to appear in the search results and then almost immediately disappear again. Here’s the thing: initially, new sites often do appear quickly in the natural search results. But then they bounce up and down a bit, going from maybe a top 20 position down to… Read more

Why and How to Set Up Internal Linking on Your Website

Good quality internal linking can give your site a good dose of positive SEO. But treat it carefully and do it well! So how should you really set up internal linking? The benefits To set up internal linking correctly you first need to be clear on why you’d want to link to other articles on… Read more