There seems to have been some noise recently about balancing Social Media Marketing techniques with traditional Internet Marketing. And just as well. For a while people who were traditional Internet Marketers, writing long sales letters that were full of hype and yellow highlighting, didn’t get blogging, Twitter and the rest. Thought it was all pretty… Read more

… use an auto-blogging application of some kind. For people new to working online there’s a tremendous attraction in the idea of automated blogging. Everyone wants quick results, with as little effort as possible. It’s human nature. And for people new to working online, the idea of an automated business, earning money on auto-pilot, is… Read more

One of the problems with a blog is that the older an article becomes, the deeper it gets buried in the archives. And that’s a shame because it means that some very good articles are often never seen by newer readers. So I figured I’d do a ‘best of’ series. Once a month or so… Read more

I have a confession: because I’m building a new travel site I’ve not had time to research, plan and write my usual article for today. So I’ve pulled together the top 5 blogs I follow on a daily basis. These are the places to which I turn for inspiration and guidance. Some of them I’ve… Read more

A couple of incidents recently reminded me of two important principles when it comes to launching websites: Firstly: KISS Secondly: GIOT KISS stands for Keep It Short and Simple GIOT stands for Get It Out There. Despite my best efforts, the project I’m currently leading here in HK is in danger of failing because of… Read more

It’s such a shame that people like this can’t channel their skills into something worthwhile, instead of screwing up other people’s PC’s. A friend called me on Saturday morning because his PC had caught a Virus. Could I help him sort it out, he wanted to know. We met up just after lunch and I… Read more

I was helping someone restore their blog the other day. They had tried to add a new domain to their Hostgator account and the result wasn’t pretty. Their existing blog (the primary domain for their Hostgator account) was suddenly not available at all. In any guise. We couldn’t navigate to it as a visitor and… Read more

I introduced some of the online Internet Marketing tools I use in this article, with the promise I’d review more. So here they are. Again, they’re all free to use although some do have some limitations. To get around them you’ll need to either upgrade or pay. The cost is usually insanely cheap, though, and… Read more

In this post I described the primary desktop tools I use in my internet marketing business. This time I’ll take a look at some of the on-line tools I use. All these tools are free to use, although some have limitations – for example the sitemap generator will create free sitemaps for sites with up… Read more

I was helping a friend the other day and needed to get FTP access to their site. So they fired up the web based FTP tool provided by their hosting provider. And it was one of the least intuitive applications I’ve ever seen! So I showed her how to install Filezilla and it took us… Read more

10 years ago ‘build it and they’ll come’ worked on-line. Today it doesn’t. Today there are so many web pages out there that any site that hopes to receive visitors has to be positioned well and promoted cleverly. And the bar is getting higher all the time. Someone with next to zero technical skills can… Read more

I saw an interesting question in a forum this week: Why don’t the comments I leave on blogs get approved? I can only speak for myself, but here are some of my thoughts, for what they’re worth: I get a lot of comments that are clearly there just for the link. I mean screamingly, obviously… Read more

A question I saw in a forum today: How do I get started in Internet and Affiliate Marketing? The person asking the question had read tons of guru books and tried a whole lot of different things, but nothing had worked for him. Here’s the answer I offered: Boy, do I sympathise with what you’re… Read more

RSS subscribe buttons (that thing on the left) are an easy way to get people to sign up to your blog updates. Some themes come with them already installed, but some don’t – even though your blog does have an RSS feed. So if your theme doesn’t have an RSS button here’s how to set… Read more

Why would you want to use Feedburner? Because it makes your blog’s RSS feed as widely readable as possible, provides you with some great statistics and incorporates RSS updates by email RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It allows information to be syndicated – made available to RSS readers, blogs, websites or anyone who’s interested… Read more

Brian Clark recently released the Authority Rules report. If you haven’t read it you must – it contains enormous value. But, even more interesting, he recently published a post on CopyBlogger that explained his strategy behind Authority Rules. Rarely have I seen a better example and lesson in how to market on-line – both the… Read more

Do I need to learn HTML and SEO?  This was a question I saw in a forum today. For people new to working on-line learning these new skills with strange acronyms can be daunting. In another post I talked about how I tried to start my Internet business without a website because I didn’t want… Read more

Before I started building websites FTP was one of those terms that I heard but never understood. In fact, I initially hoped I could run an on-line business without ever needing to build a website just so I didn’t have to deal with things like FTP  :) Well, I found out the hard way I… Read more

How to set up and use FTP is a question I often see – so here’s a layman’s description for newbies. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol – but that’s not important right now. What is important is that once you’ve got it set up, using it is little different from using Windows Explorer. It’s… Read more

I dipped into a blog recently that I don’t visit nearly enough: Web Services and Tools. Eric, who writes that blog, is an Internet veteran.  And he has a wonderful ability to dig out all sorts of information from the most obscure places and write about it on his blog. A recent article of his… Read more

A couple of years ago the mantra in Internet Marketing circles was ‘build your list’. It made a lot of sense to build a list (a warm market you could promote to for free), but it kind of overlooked the fact that in order to get a list you first had to get people to… Read more

In this post I talked about Market Research and I looked at a simple, quick and effective way to research a product or business online. Now it’s time to develop a Marketing Plan. In this article we’ll take a look at some channels through which you can promote your site. Because this one’s turned out… Read more

I was asked in a forum recently to describe what a Marketing Plan is, so I figured I’d turn my answer into a blog article. But before you can develop a Marketing plan for your product or website you need to undertake some Market Research.  This will enable you to identify a product, a market… Read more

I’m just on the point of launching my web site services business, so this post from Eric at Web Services and Tools caught my eye. Given that one of the services I’ll be offering is website design I figured it would be a good move to make sure my own sites were properly designed, and… Read more

I saw this question in a Twitter Group on What’s This Web Thing today:  How do you use Twitter in your business? I’m now using Twitter regularly and it’s bringing me new traffic and building up my list of followers very nicely. So what turned me onto it? A while ago I read this post… Read more

Corina, from Tall Corina asked me to provide some more information about RSS. Thanks Corina, and here’s some information that I hope will help.  But please ask if you need more details on anything! Really Simple Syndication RSS has been used as the abbreviation for a number of descriptions, but the one I find easiest… Read more

I saw a question about keyword research recently where the questioner wanted to know how to find a more targetted keyword on which to base his domain name and articles. Here’s the response I offered: Assuming you know what subject you want your blog to cover (weight loss in this example) you should find some… Read more

I saw this question today in one of the forums:  how to market a new business without spending thousands. If it’s just money you’re talking about then there are quite a few ways, but none of them are truly free.  You will always have to invest time and effort. I’m going to restrict this to… Read more

What will Internet Marketing look like 10 years from now? The pace of development is accelerating all the time and it would be great to hear your views as to how you see it going in the future. Here are some thoughts from me as a starter: Mobile Is mobile going to be as big… Read more

Here’s the gist of a response I gave to a question the other day on how to market an MLM online. Before we get into some ideas, let’s get firmly fixed in your mind that if you want to generate income from marketing your MLM online you’ll need to work at it! Please ignore all… Read more