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The Wealthy Affiliate program offers step-by-step affiliate marketing training, but. . . . . . how detailed and comprehensive is the training it provides? Affiliate Marketing is an excellent, low-cost way to build up a long-term income stream. But you need access to comprehensive, detailed training, state of the art systems and experienced support in… Read more

Since I’ve been an Independent Trivita Business Owner I’ve occasionally been surprised at the reaction I’ve got from people when they’ve found out. They’ve ranged from me being told I’m promoting something illegal, to being called an Avon Lady promoting an unverified product. At first it came as quite a shock, especially as those reactions… Read more

If I woke up in the middle of the night 6 weeks ago, needing to go to the bathroom, I could barely walk. The pain in my feet was excruciating. Getting up in the morning was the same: in both cases, just in order to get out of the bedroom I had to lean my… Read more

This is a guest post from Tim Wilson at HostPapa. Web hosting is essential for anyone who wants to build their own website, and there are many providers that offer hosting services. Some provide a quality service – others, not so much. And, unfortunately, some companies blatantly cheat or mislead customers. This being the case… Read more

If you’re one of the millions who travel 2 hours to work each day and the same amount of time back, you’ve doubtless occasionally envied those who work from home. I certainly did. I’ve now worked at home for more than 2 years, and I love it. But it does require some self-imposed discipline that… Read more

A while ago I wrote an article in which I said that you almost certainly know more than you think you do about working online. And that once you realise that, you’ll suddenly find a whole bunch of business opportunities opening up. I described one in the article. So this week I saw another example… Read more

… use an auto-blogging application of some kind. For people new to working online there’s a tremendous attraction in the idea of automated blogging. Everyone wants quick results, with as little effort as possible. It’s human nature. And for people new to working online, the idea of an automated business, earning money on auto-pilot, is… Read more

A statement of the obvious? Not necessarily. When I first started researching the idea of working online I found a gazillion sites offering me ‘foolproof’ systems that would ‘guarantee’ to have me earning thousands a week by this time next month. And none of them involved a product. Many (if not most) of the MLM… Read more

What do you really want for your blog? If I’m to believe Johnny B Truant’s message it isn’t your first answer. And I do believe him because, honestly, the answer I’ve given myself for a long time is not the real answer either. I’ve spent months (years, actually) focused solely on building up traffic for… Read more

I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. I’m continually making resolutions to improve the way I do things, so what’s so different about January 1st? But two articles recently caught my interest and, since it is January, they’ve provoked the closest thing I’ve come to a New Year’s resolution. It’s about being paid for my expertise… Read more

The question of whether or not to disclose your affiliate links came up in an article I read on Darren Rowse’s ProBlogger blog today. It often generates discussion, and the FTC recently got into the act by saying it thought that on-line advertisers should adhere to the same standards as off line advertisers. It will… Read more

Here’s a question I saw in a forum today: How can I earn a passive income online? To my mind the concept of earning a passive income online is one that’s mostly used by people trying to get you to buy their IM book or join their IM related membership site! Here’s a copy of… Read more

A while ago I wrote an article directed at people who’ve been working online for a reasonable time (9 months to a year). I said that you probably under-estimate how much you know and suggested some ways you could use that knowledge to earn additional income from local, off-line businesses in your area. I just… Read more

“The most striking figure in the whole report is that private sector payrolls shrank by 101,000 last month compared to a modest 26,000 drop in January,” said Paul Ashworth at Capital Economics, “a decline of that magnitude screams recession”. (Quote taken from BBC News). More bad news this weekend on the US economy and, meanwhile… Read more

With levels of personal debt at all time highs, plus the falls in home equity values, feelings of insecurity during this recession are likely to be even stronger than usual. That usually sends people into ‘survival’ mode, which is the worst mode to be in. How to prepare yourself to survive a recession Make yourself… Read more

For people who have been working online for a while it’s easy to overlook a couple of things: The amount of knowledge you actually pick up through your day to day efforts at getting your business going How little people who don’t work online actually know about promoting a business online. A while ago I… Read more

It’s pretty clear, whichever way you look at it, that we’re in for a recession.  The only discussion is about the severity and length of it. So what’s in store..? A recession, caused by a slowing down of consumer spending, which will lead to companies’ profits dropping.  That, inevitably, leads to salary cuts, cancelled bonus… Read more

For MLM’ers, or people in network marketing companies, receiving the supposedly motivational emails and call previews about how much success people are having can be more of a turn off than a turn on. I know – they turned me off. They made me feel inadequate, frustrated and angry. So how did I deal with… Read more