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So You Want to Start Your Own Business? First Answer These Questions – Honestly

There are a gazillion different reasons people start their own businesses, and just as many ways of going about it. I started mine, in 2009, having thought about it for 3 years and learnt the skills I needed. But then I found the decision made for me by my then employer. You could day I… Read more

Unretirement: Best Ways for Boomers to start making money online, and why they should

For those of us who are Boomers, or late Generation-Xers, and who have good jobs with good companies, here’s something to keep in mind: The older we become, the more likely that it will be us, rather than our younger colleagues, who will be downsized when the cost-trimming starts. And, of course, getting a new… Read more

Wealthy Affiliate Free vs Premium – How do I Choose?

I’ve been a member at Wealthy Affiliate for a year now, and I’m often asked which plan offers the best value – the Starter (free) Plan or the Premium Plan. The answer actually depends on a number of things:Your current level of Internet Marketing knowledge and experienceThe amount of money you have available to invest… Read more

The Crash is Coming – are You Ready?

Updated – 15th August, 2019 I originally wrote this article at the end of November, 2018. Since then the stock markets in the US and Europe have been volatile but, over the past 10 days, the trend has been very firmly down. There are a number of factors:The level of debt that I described back… Read more

The Wealthy Affiliate Program – Affiliate Marketing Training for Beginners

60-second summary: I’ve expanded on all these points in the full review, which you can read below. This is a 60-second summary setting out the pros and cons: 1. Pros One-stop-shop. Everything you need to start earning money online in one place The most comprehensive training on affiliate marketing for beginners that I’ve foundThe quickest… Read more

You’re an Avon Lady Promoting an Unverified Product

Since I’ve been an Independent Trivita Business Owner I’ve occasionally been surprised at the reaction I’ve got from people when they’ve found out. They’ve ranged from me being told I’m promoting something illegal, to being called an Avon Lady promoting an unverified product. At first it came as quite a shock, especially as those reactions… Read more

How My Sore Feet Found Me a New Source of Income

If I woke up in the middle of the night 6 weeks ago, needing to go to the bathroom, I could barely walk. The pain in my feet was excruciating. Getting up in the morning was the same: in both cases, just in order to get out of the bedroom I had to lean my… Read more

How to Choose Web Hosting – Explanations and Things to Look Out For

This is a guest post from Tim Wilson at HostPapa. Web hosting is essential for anyone who wants to build their own website, and there are many providers that offer hosting services. Some provide a quality service – others, not so much. And, unfortunately, some companies blatantly cheat or mislead customers. This being the case… Read more

7 Ways to Make Working at Home Productive and Enjoyable

If you’re one of the millions who travel 2 hours to work each day and the same amount of time back, you’ve doubtless occasionally envied those who work from home. I certainly did. I’ve now worked at home for more than 2 years, and I love it. But it does require some self-imposed discipline that… Read more

Opportunities All Around, If You Just Look

A while ago I wrote an article in which I said that you almost certainly know more than you think you do about working online. And that once you realise that, you’ll suddenly find a whole bunch of business opportunities opening up. I described one in the article. So this week I saw another example… Read more