Articles on Meta Tags

The articles listed below cover ways you should be using META tags to improve your on-site SEO. Click the headline to read the full article.

Last week I wrote about some key points that came out of a website review I completed recently (see it here) One of the things I delivered as part of that review was a set of META tags for each page on the site, so I figured I’d explain how I went about that. A… Read more

Interesting thread in the Third Tribe forum today: don’t ignore the SEO. It was started by someone who’d taken the ‘write for people, don’t write for the search engines’ mantra literally – and not done any SEO work on their site. Now, I’ve repeated the ‘write for people …’ theme many times on this site… Read more

I’ve had two occasions recently to be shocked at what Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) consultants charge versus what they actually deliver. And angry, because (in one case) it was daylight robbery. So here’s a tip if you’re struggling with optimizing your site for the search engines: Get your self a free Google account (if you… Read more

I read a post recently in a forum that argued quite strongly that META tags are a waste of time. The argument was that they don’t serve a useful purpose any more, with the exception of the Title and Description tags. I disagreed quite strongly with that position. Here’s why:   META tags are part of… Read more

I saw another question on META tags today, specifically on the use of Title, Description, Keywords and Footer.  Here’s a copy of my response: The Title Tag This tag is what appears in the blue bar at the very top of your browser window. Google currently places a lot of emphasis on the Title tag… Read more

When I built my first website I was uber excited and sat back waiting for all those visitors to come flooding through.  Of course the reality hit me pretty quickly, which is when I realized I had absolutely now idea how I could get people to notice me online.  Luckily things are different now! Unless… Read more