Articles on the No Follow Tag

The articles listed below cover some points on the No Follow META tag. Click the headline to read the full article.

Backlinks, No Follow and Page Rank

I received a question through my Dear Martin page the other day from someone who was asking how backlinks affected page rank, and how the ‘nofollow’ tag affected backlinks, therefore affecting page rank. Here’s the response I offered: The first thing I’d say is don’t get hung up on Page Rank and all that other… Read more

How To Lose Website Traffic

I saw another excellent rant by Jack Humphrey today on the question of No Follow. Do you still look for No Follow blogs to comment on or link to?  If you do you’re wasting time and losing traffic. I’ve written many times now, here and here for starters, on why it’s important to write for… Read more

To Follow or Not To Follow

In all my posts about SEO I’ve written about the importance of writing for people, not the search engines.  My point being that what you actually want is for people to read your site, or blog, and to like what they read, because people will buy from you – the search engines won’t. I saw… Read more