Articles on Pay Per Click Advertising

The articles listed below cover various aspects of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. Click the headline to read the full article.

A hand holding burning money

If you’re not careful you can burn through money very quickly with a Google Ads campaign. Here’s one way I was losing money and how I corrected it. Google Ads automated ads extensions I was looking at my site statistics recently and was irritated to see that Google Ads paid clicks were going to a… Read more

I was helping a client with Adwords recently because they had run up a huge bill in just a couple of days with virtually no new business to show for it. As I said to them: the most important thing to remember with Adwords is that Google is the fox looking after the hen-house. Google… Read more

My Adwords account was suspended last week, so here’s cautionary tale for anyone new to using Google Adwords. And please note: this is not a whining post. I broke Adwords’ terms and conditions and my account was suspended. Fair cop. The point of this article is to help Adwords newbies realize just how easy it… Read more

A question I saw on LinkedIn today reminded me of a conversation I had with a client recently about Pay Per Click, and how to get the best out of it. The first point I made to my client was this: PPC is a great supplementary tool but it’s not something to base your business… Read more

I have an interesting problem that I’ve wrestled with for a while: 99% of my search engine traffic on this site comes from Google. While I’m delighted that Google sends me a lot of traffic, there are two problems: I’m missing out on the 40% or so of web search traffic that Yahoo accounts for… Read more

You’ve been banned for life by Google. No recourse, no further discussion. That was the opening message in an advertising pitch I saw recently for a book on Google Adwords. And it annoyed the hell out of me. It’s the kind of advertising that gives Internet Marketers a bad reputation, and yet it obviously works… Read more

Previously I’ve touched on a simple market research approach and some marketing channels for promoting your website. Now I’ll look in more detail at one of the channels I referred to and explore some ways to maximize your investment. Another channel next time. First off let’s recognize that in Marketing, as in everything, you get… Read more

I’m not a heavy user of PPC, but I do run a few campaigns.  PPC advertising is becoming ever more expensive so I spend a lot of time now optimizing my campaigns to improve my conversion rate. Here’s something I tried a few days ago.  I haven’t been running this long enough to be able… Read more

One of the requests that I often see on the Warrior Forum is for members to review a re-designed landing page and say whether or not it’s better than the old one. Clearly it’s good to get other peoples’ views on how effective a new landing page is but, at the end of the day… Read more