Articles on the Threats and Opportunities Presented by Recessions

The articles listed below cover how recessions can provide opportunities, and some ways to turn recessions to your advantage. Click the headline to read the full article.

Why this is Absolutely the Best Time to Start a Small Business

The economy has changed, fundamentally and forever. And, as a result, the days of mass employment as we knew it have gone. Since the crash of 2008/09, governments have employed well tried and tested methods to kick-start the economies in Europe and the US. And they’ve failed. Why? Because the old economy depended on consumer… Read more

Recessions And The Opportunities They Provide

Life’s pretty tough for a lot of people right now. If you’re not personally affected I bet you know someone who is. If you’re feeling nervous and worried about the future, here are two things to think about that history has proven time and again to be true: Recessions always end Recessions always provide opportunities… Read more

Can a Blog Replace a Resume? It Can and Should

Job hunting in a recession… I saw an interesting question today: can a blog replace a resume? My answer was ‘Yes’.  If not a blog then a managed web presence not only can, but should replace a resume (especially if you’re environmentally conscious). There’s a truly spectacular array of sites where anyone can set up… Read more

Beat the Recession: Start Your Own Business

In the dotcom bust of 2001 the company I was working for went out of business, owing me a lot of money in unpaid salary and benefits.  It was 9 months before I got another job and the combination pretty much wiped me out. In today’s recession many people will likely have a similar experience… Read more

How to Benefit From a Recession

Update – 21st October, 2011: I’ve written a new article on this same theme, but taking into account the chaos caused by the sovereign and bank debt crises, which are affecting the European and US economies so badly. You can find it here. I’ve also released a step-by-step course on how to set up a… Read more

Different Ways to Earn Money Online

“The most striking figure in the whole report is that private sector payrolls shrank by 101,000 last month compared to a modest 26,000 drop in January,” said Paul Ashworth at Capital Economics, “a decline of that magnitude screams recession”. (Quote taken from BBC News). More bad news this weekend on the US economy and, meanwhile… Read more

5 Ways to Turn Recessions into Opportunities

With levels of personal debt at all time highs, plus the falls in home equity values, feelings of insecurity during this recession are likely to be even stronger than usual. That usually sends people into ‘survival’ mode, which is the worst mode to be in. How to prepare yourself to survive a recession Make yourself… Read more

How to Prepare Yourself for the Recession

It’s pretty clear, whichever way you look at it, that we’re in for a recession.  The only discussion is about the severity and length of it. So what’s in store..? A recession, caused by a slowing down of consumer spending, which will lead to companies’ profits dropping.  That, inevitably, leads to salary cuts, cancelled bonus… Read more