How to Fix ‘Submitted URL Marked Noindex’

Every now and then I get an error message from Google Search Console that tells me a ‘submitted URL is marked noindex’. This is an easy error to attract because it’s caused by marking a new page on your site as ‘noindex’, but then forgetting to exclude it from your XML sitemap. Basically, the rule… Read more

Basic On-Site SEO Steps for Your WordPress Website

This posts addresses basic on-site Search Engine Optimisation for WordPress based websites. For details on taking SEO for WordPress posts and pages to the next level: click here. What is on-site SEO? On site SEO is about making it easy for the search engines to find your site, to find out what it’s about and… Read more

What Creates 404 Errors What to Do About Them

There was a time when I had zero 404 errors on this site, and very proud of it I was too. But my pride was misplaced. As this site has grown and evolved I’ve taken pages down, I’ve rationalised tags and I’ve changed its configuration. As a result I was returning well over five hundred… Read more

4 Ways to Grow Your Audience

The original title of this post refers to ‘links’, but the methods I’ve discussed below are more about increasing your audience. A targetted audience is what you really need. Links from all the places I’ve covered below are now ‘nofollow’, which removes the link-value they would once have provided. So think in terms of audience… Read more

How to Create a Search Engine Effective Web Page

I’m often amazed when I look at the source code of web pages, because creating a page that’s optimised for the search engines is so straightforward – yet so seldom done. I’ve said repeatedly: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is not a black art, so don’t let anyone tell you it is. All you need to… Read more

META Tags Are A Waste of Time. Really?

I read a post recently in a forum that argued quite strongly that META tags are a waste of time. The argument was that they don’t serve a useful purpose any more, with the exception of the Title and Description tags. I disagreed quite strongly with that position. Here’s why: META tags are part of… Read more

How Does A Blog Benefit SEO?

I just saw an interesting question in a forum: how does a blog help with SEO?  Here’s how: An active (and that’s important) blog is attractive to a search engine for three primary reasons: It’s updated with new information regularly Through the mechanism of tags and categories (or labels on blogger), its content is well… Read more

Which is Better: SEO or Good Content?

Which is better for making your site visible to the search engines – SEO or Good Content? Good content is the basis of good SEO. SEO without good content will be nothing. In this post I’ll deal with some simple, on-page SEO points. Again: SEO without good content is nothing. So everything from here on… Read more