Articles on Social Network Marketing

The articles listed below cover different aspects of social network marketing (or social media marketing) and how to maximise its potential. Click the headline to read the full article.

This is a guest post from Emma J Fox, of Pitstop Media. Most, if not all, SEO companies today include social media marketing in their SEO packages for clients. There’s no doubt that social media is already closely intertwined with Internet marketing and website optimisation. Social media sites have become the playing field where businesses… Read more

This post is part of a series on how to promote your website for free. Here are the links to the other articles in the series: Promote your site for free: on-site SEOPromote your site for free: off-site SEOPromote your site for free: forum marketing In the article on off-site SEO I touched on social… Read more

This post is part of a series on how to promote your website for free. Here are the links to the other articles in the series: Promote your site for free: on-site SEO Promote your site for free: off-site SEO Promote your site for free: social media marketing Last time, when I covered off-site SEO… Read more

I read a very well written post on ProBlogger the other day that was an imaginary discussion between two people on whether Google should introduce a -1 button to combat spam. It produced some interesting arguments, both for and against. But I have to say, I came out against, and here’s why: it would be… Read more

Every time I’ve read a review recently of Google Plus I’ve seen a chart that measures the time it took for G+ to reach various subscriber milestones, as compared to how long it took Facebook and Twitter. The line is almost perpendicular for G+, whereas the other two take far more leisurely trajectories, and this… Read more

I’ve finally lost patience with Facebook and removed the badges from my sites. I wrote back here about some intermittent problems I started to experience with the Facebook Business Page that I set up for this site. Despite 3 trouble tickets, all of which went unanswered (except for auto-generated responses), not only were those problems… Read more

One of my clients (a corporate) recently hatched a plan to shift their main web presence to Facebook. Not smart, I suggested – here’s why: I’ve had a Facebook page for a while as part of my Social Media efforts and the number of Likes, Views and Interactions has grown steadily. But about a week… Read more

I saw a question today asking how to syndicate blog posts most effectively, so here’s how I do it: Very simply, I set up a TwitterFeed account a while ago. This takes the RSS feed from my site. Within my TwitterFeed account I set up services to Facebook and Twitter (both require verification). TwitterFeed takes… Read more

If you dropped into this site around a year ago you’ll have read that I was a big fan of Twitter for attracting readers. But over the past year my love for Twitter has withered. Why? Firstly: The search function no is longer as effective as it was. I used to search for people asking… Read more

In the forums I visit regularly I constantly see people asking how to get more Twitter followers, or the best way to get more Facebook friends. Inevitably they’re looking for a system that will rack up hundreds (if not thousands) of new friends or followers in the blink of an eye. For no effort. Those… Read more

There seems to have been some noise recently about balancing Social Media Marketing techniques with traditional Internet Marketing. And just as well. For a while people who were traditional Internet Marketers, writing long sales letters that were full of hype and yellow highlighting, didn’t get blogging, Twitter and the rest. Thought it was all pretty… Read more

“Please post your answer on my blog”. That was the request at the end of a question I read on one of my social sites last week. I see similar requests on other sites. Things like ‘please visit my blog and leave a comment’. If there’s one thing that guarantees I won’t visit their blog… Read more

I reviewed an article I wrote about 11 months ago on the use of on-line Social Networking in business to see whether much has changed. What I found is that some things have changed, but the basic premise has not. You still have to recognise some basics and work with them, and you still need… Read more

I was at a real-world social networking do last night and saw a perfect example of what not to do. I also saw a perfect example of how it should be done. The interesting thing is that, quite by chance, both these examples came from people in the same industry – they were both head… Read more

A long while back I wrote an article here about social network marketing. As with anything on the Internet, things move on very quickly, and social network marketing is no exception. So here’s an update on what I do today to promote my blog through the social networks. About a year ago everything was about… Read more

Here’s another question I saw in a forum this week: what’s the difference between Search Engine Optimisation and Social Marketing, or are they the same thing. Here’s the reply I offered: They are different things but Social Marketing will help your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) efforts, if you do it properly. Firstly, SEO This stands… Read more

How do you use the Social Networking Sites to apply traditional (offline) network marketing to the Internet?  That’s a question that arose a couple of days ago.  Here’s the gist of my response: Social Network Marketing is about applying ‘traditional’ Network Marketing to the Internet. However, it works a little differently to off line network… Read more

That’s an adaptation of a question I responded to the other day on LinkedIn. The other answers included comments that the questioner had definitely been scammed, that social marketing was a fickle opportunity and that it was ‘a bottle of snake oil’. Isn’t diversity great..? But here’s the thing: The more I study Social Media… Read more