Articles on Social Network Marketing

The articles listed below cover different aspects of social network marketing (or social media marketing) and how to maximise its potential. Click the headline to read the full article.

Why a Serious Business Should Not Make Facebook its Main Web Presence

One of my clients (a corporate) recently hatched a plan to shift their main web presence to Facebook. Not smart, I suggested – here’s why: You’re basically renting. You don’t control your content and you can only add content that Facebook approves of. More than that, you’re building out content on Zuckerberg’s site, which benefits… Read more

How To Fail At Social Media Marketing

I was at a real-world social networking do last night and saw a perfect example of what not to do. I also saw a perfect example of how it should be done. The interesting thing is that, quite by chance, both these examples came from people in the same industry – they were both head… Read more

How to Apply Traditional Word-of-Mouth Marketing To The Internet

How do you use the Social Media Sites to apply traditional (offline) word-of-mouth marketing to the Internet? That’s a question that arose a couple of days ago.  Here’s the gist of my response: Social Media Marketing is about applying ‘traditional’ word-of-mouth Marketing to the Internet. Social Media Marketing online needs to be combined with the… Read more