Articles on WordPress Themes

The articles listed below cover views and reviews of WordPress themes, and how they can affect your site’s performance. Click the headline to read the full article.

SEO Optimised Themes for WordPress – Are Premium Themes Better?

I saw a question today where someone asked if paying for a premium WordPress theme would improve the level of traffic to their website. The answer is ‘No’. There is absolutely no correlation between paying for a theme and the impact it has on the level of SEO optimisation of your website. The theme you… Read more

Can changing my WordPress theme affect my SEO?

The short answer is ‘Yes, it can do’, but not necessarily always for the worse. It could improve your SEO or it could make it worse, and the effect it has depends on a few things: How you set up your META tags (SEO title, SEO description, index/noindex tags, etc) How good the coding of… Read more

How to Customise a WordPress Theme

The most basic way of changing the appearance of a WordPress website is to change the theme. However, even when you change the theme you may still want to customise the appearance. WordPress has a screen under the Appearance menu item called Customise Accessing that screen will give you a range of options that you… Read more