Articles on the Thesis Theme for WordPress

The articles listed below are ‘how to’ articles on getting the best out of the Thesis theme for WordPress – tips and techniques. Click the headline to read the full article.

Losing the All-in-One-SEO Plugin

When Thesis 1.7 was released I reviewed it and bemoaned the fact that I couldn’t make use of its SEO features and drop the All-in-One-SEO plugin. The reason was because removing the All-in-One results in all the META tags on all the articles on the blog being removed as well. That would mean I’d have… Read more

WordPress 3.0 and Thesis

WordPress 3.0 was released towards the end of last week and brought with it some major changes. The biggest is the integration of WordPress and WordPress Multi-User (MU) – previously two separate packages. Some others were: A new Navigation system, allowing you to add Categories or other special links to your navigation bar (the same… Read more

Do You REALLY Want to Build Your Own WordPress Theme?

‘I can’t find any WordPress themes I like so I’m going to build my own’ is a statement I see a lot on places like Twitter. If you’re an ace coder (really ace) with a good understanding of SEO (really good), that’s a great route to follow. There’s also the option of using Artisteer, a… Read more

Can Changing Your WordPress Theme Affect Your Search Engine Love?

Yes, it can is the short answer. I used to think of a theme as nothing more than a nice colour scheme when I first started blogging. As long as I liked the colours, and as long as it had enough sidebars, I was a happy camper. How wrong I was. WordPress themes have progressed… Read more