Articles on Using Twitter

The articles listed below cover different ways of using Twitter and reviews of Twitter tools. Click the headline to read the full article.

I’m Switching From Twitter to Facebook

If you dropped into this site around a year ago you’ll have read that I was a big fan of Twitter for attracting readers. But over the past year my love for Twitter has withered. Why? Firstly: The search function no is longer as effective as it was. I used to search for people asking… Read more

Why You Don’t Want 20,000 Twitter Followers

In the forums I visit regularly I constantly see people asking how to get more Twitter followers, or the best way to get more Facebook friends. Inevitably they’re looking for a system that will rack up hundreds (if not thousands) of new friends or followers in the blink of an eye. For no effort. Those… Read more

My Twitter Account Was Hacked

My Twitter account was hacked yesterday. It started sending out the ‘This You..??’ Direct Message to people I’m following. The DM has a link and, out of curiosity (and with bated breath), I decided to see where it went. I closed everything else down so I could invoke AVG quickly and get rid of nasties… Read more

Is Twitter The New List?

A couple of years ago the mantra in Internet Marketing circles was ‘build your list’. It made a lot of sense to build a list (a warm market you could promote to for free), but it kind of overlooked the fact that in order to get a list you first had to get people to… Read more

How Do You Use Twitter?

I saw this question in a Twitter Group on What’s This Web Thing today:  How do you use Twitter in your business? I’m now using Twitter regularly and it’s bringing me new traffic and building up my list of followers very nicely. So what turned me onto it? A while ago I read this post… Read more